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Lunch At La Bamba’s

Lunch At La Bamba’s

Hi Folks! Yeah, I know it’s Saturday. Evidently I lost track of what blog I was to post to this week. I blame it on a frustrating couple of days. Sorry!

This last Saturday after a morning of yard “sailing” with sister Cindy, we  went to fill our tummies at a local Burbank gem. This place is one of my town’s best kept secrets. La Bamba’s.

La Bamba’s, located at the corner of Glenoaks Blvd and Lamer, looks more like a place you’d find in one of our beach communities. This out-door seating, casual dinning establishment offers a quaint and kick-back experience. Misters hung from the perimeter, outside of a plastic curtain that is pulled to enclose the patio during cooler months, provide a refreshing spot to take lunch or enjoy a relaxing dinner.

This place just can’t go wrong, serving a superb fare that I’d classify as Caribbean cuisine.  I go there specifically for the Lobster Tacos that come with a delicious side of sweet black beans and a lovely yellow rice. And don’t forget the Sweet Potato Fries done to a perfect crispness.  (I know that they coat their fries with something to make them crisp but since I’ve not had a reaction to them I can safely assume that they are gluten free.) That particular plate without fries runs $16.95. Some might think it’s a little pricy for such a casual establishment but the portions were large enough to split. Coupled with the order of sweet potato fries, Cindy and I could hardly finish what we had. And we are not light eaters. So the next time you’re in Burbank, stop by La Bamba’s.

You can check out their menu @ Not to be confused with the restaurant chain. This is a mom and pop establishment.

See ya next week! Go USA!

~ K.L. Parry ~ Author of The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom


There’s Still Nothing Better


Howdy and welcome back to my blog.

Today was a day of unusual weather. That is, unusual for Burbank, California. It was 87, cloudy with 100% humidity. The buzzing things were down and the birds were quiet except for a few stray parrots. And, for a long while there wasn’t even a breath of a breeze.

Had I been living in Texas I would have been thinking, Tornado weather!  But I don’t have to worry about that in Cali.

Then, it started to sprinkle. Just a few little raindrops and I was transported back to my childhood and days of playing under a gentle summer rain. There was never anything better back then.

I waited all day for that summer shower, teased by the occasional droplet. But it didn’t come until after dark, sometime around nine I think it was, when I heard it begin. I didn’t recognise the sound, so unfamiliar in Southern California. Unheard of during the summer months until my son exclaimed, “It’s raining!”

In my pajamas, hair still wet from my evening bath, I dashed out.

Yes. I dashed.

Barefoot, like a child I stood there not caring that my clothes were getting wet. It felt so good. Good to have the rain on my head, running down my back, cooling my bare feet as I stood on the sidewalk just beyond the cover of the blooming Crape Myrtles.

There’s still nothing better.

~ K. L. Parry ~ Author of The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom