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I’m Partying It Up!


Finally! My favorite time of the year has arrived. Beginning with Halloween through New Years I always look forward to what wonderful activities await me. It’s probably due to the fact that my birthday falls on November 1st, the auspicious Day Of The Dead, that my love affair with autumn began. Add to that the cooler weather and I’m as happy as a duck in a pond. I can go back to heating up my home with pots of soup simmering on the stove top, I can snuggle up in my favorite fuzzy blanket and I can work out in my garden without the fear of heat stroke. Yes, my fair complexion and constant hot flashes prohibit me from enjoying much of the California summer, relegating me to a window view of the season while I plant myself in front of the air conditioner. But, now that the temps have dropped below 80, I’m free to enjoy all that I love.

One of the great things about having a birthday so close to Halloween is that there is always a party somewhere. And though of late, I’ve been working most my weekends, I won’t let that keep me from enjoying myself late into the evening this coming weekend. That’s right folks! I’m partying it up, though I will hold myself to a two drink minimum…opps, I meant two drink maximum…lol! And who posted an age limit to dressing in costume at Halloween? When does anyone become “too old for that sort of stuff”? What a bunch of commie bullshit! Why, it’s my right…no, my duty as an American to pursue life, liberty and the right to celebrate Halloween in full regalia until they plant my cold dead body ten feet under! So here’s a flip of the bird to all you “Bahumbug”ers and “you’re too old”ers. You go right ahead and turn off your porch lights, close your curtains and eat your Swanson frozen dinner from your worn-out Barker Lounge cause I’ll be having the time of my live ambushing trick or treaters with silly string in my Zombie costume and handing out Moon Pies.







If you’re in the mood for some Halloween stimuli to get you in the mood, here’s a top 10 list, (in no particular order) of some of my favorite Halloween Flixs.


From Hell ~ starring Johnny Depp and Heather Graham

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow ~ starring Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci

Edward Sizzorhands ~ starring Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankinstein

Abbott And Costello Meet the Mummy

Hocus Pocus ~ Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker

Constantine ~ starring Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz

Rocky Horror Picture Show ~ starring Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon

Dracula ~ starring Frank Langella and Janine Duvitski

Bram Stroker’s Dracula ~ starring Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder

Happy Halloween ~ K.L. Parry


The Greatest Rock Band Of All Time



It was an age of Rock-Gods, when black eyeliner wasn’t gender specific and fans would stand in line all day to buy a concert ticket. The year was 1977 and I was seventeen. 

After I had gotten the news that the much anticipated concert date had been set, I painstakingly managed to save seventy five dollars out of my wages from a baby-sitting job. It was a lot of money at the time but I wanted the best seat I could manage to pay for. No nose bleed section for me. I wanted to see the faces of my rock idols.

The concert was predicted to be a sellout on that first day of sales, which I supposed was why the tickets were to be sold through one  location only. (At least, that was my understanding.)

Now, I must say that the details of the day are fuzzy at best. My friend, Tammy, and I had actually cut school and taken a bus from the valley to the downtown LA Ticket Tron location. Between the ride up and back, and the line at the Ticket Tron that extended for blocks in the seedy and (what I perceived to be) dangerous location, it ended up becoming an all day affair. But we survived unmolested to return home with primo tickets to see the greatest band of all time, Led Zeppelin.

Sadly, the concert date was canceled due to the death of the lead singer’s son and so too my chance to ever see them perform live.

Jumping forward to this last summer, the subject of that missed concert came up it conversation. It turned out that a friend had read about a cover band led by Zeppelin drummer’s son, Jason Bonham. They were to perform at the Greek Theater.

I have to state for the record that I was not quite as excited as I had been the first go around. After all, 35 years had passed mellowing my enthusiasm. Besides, it was only a cover band, how good could they possibly be without Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham and John Paul Jones? It wasn’t until I read the british reviews that raved about this band that I began to feel the spark of enthusiasm for my long lost idols. I bought a ticket.

Now, irony can be a funny thing. As I was rushing to leave my place of employment, to make the mad dash to the Greek, I heard the words that would revisit upon me the deep and utter disappointment I had experienced years earlier.

“Oh, that concert’s been canceled.”

It was spewed, very matter of factly, from the mouth of the girl who had just come on shift.

“What!” I looked at her in shock before deciding she must be kidding. I knew this couldn’t possible be happening again.

No doubt she saw the look of skepticism on my face. She reiterated.

“No, really. I just heard it on the radio, on my way here. The concert has been canceled.”

Well, needless to say, I rushed home, got on-line and discovered she had indeed been telling me the truth. Now, I definitely felt  the universe was bound and determined that I should never fulfill this one desire.

Thankfully, a few days later and to my great relief,  the concert had been rescheduled for the fall.

So it was, that on Friday, October 14th in the year 2011, I sat in section B at the Greek Theater and finally got to hear, performed live, the music of the greatest rock band in history. The Led Zeppelin Experience was just as I had hoped it would be and more as I enjoyed the added treat of Jason’s personal experiences with his rock star dad. John Bonham was brought to life in home movies and concert videos playing on three separate screens.

No, I didn’t expect that I would be experiencing the original band, though, for me, the music could have been louder. I would have liked to feel the vibration of every chord humming through my body. But their renditions of history making classics were true to the original scores and when I closed my eyes, I could envision Jimmy Page playing that guitar and Robert Plant singing the lyrics to Cashmere. And, as I stood in the audience, singing along to “Stairway To Heaven”, I though, “Finally”. 

Rock On, K.L. Parry ~ Author of “The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom”


My Two Favorite Words


I’ve been busting my ass for the last four days and pocketing every last quarter. Why for? For a ROAD TRIP, that’s why! So I’ll make this one short and sweet. Davis, California here we come! We being me and my sister, Cindy. So I hope to have lots to tell you in the coming weeks.

In the mean time, rock-on, peace-out and don’t forget to feed the cats while I’m gone. See ya on the flip-side and all that!

Wagons Ho, K.L. Parry


Dumpster Diving


Since I can remember, I’ve thought myself a treasure hunter of sorts. When I was nine. living in the once small town of Plano, Texas, I would scrounge through the trash bins after a tenant had moved out from the apartment complex where we stayed. I was looking for discarded treasures to take back to our secret club house. Yes. I…, was a dumpster diver. Really, it wasn’t as disgusting as it sounds. And no, my mother didn’t know and would have pitched a fit if she’d discovered what I’d been up to. But I did come across some pretty neat stuff. A coconut carved to look like a monkey and oriental wind chimes, to name a few. These were valuable finds to me and my sisters and that hunt was among the first in a series of treasure seeking quests that I have continued to pursue.

Now, don’t think that I still dumpster dive, I’ve since given that up; though I did rescue from the alley, the leather topped, mahogany desk that I am writing from. Does being next to a dumpster count?

So it’s no surprise that one of my most favorite things to do is Thrift Store shopping. The hunt…, then the discovery of something really cool, priced at pennies of it’s actual value. That is what I find so exciting. I compare it to archeology. I’m digging through the discards of civilization looking for valuable relics. Well, sometimes they’re only valuable to me but at other times they’ve been valued by others. Oh, yes! I have made a little money selling my finds…, he, he, heee… And guess what? It’s good for the environment. You know, recycle and reuse, baby.

I do have one particular shop that I like to go to but I will not be sharing that information with you. I don’t need anymore competition for the treasures that may turn up there. But there are plenty more of these types of stores to choose from all across the country, each with the possibility of possessing that matching plate to your Grandmother’s china or that Oscar De La Renta gown that could be worth hundreds. (I did find one of those. Made a few bucks when I sold it too!) I’ve also acquired items worthy of  gifting and even a wedding dress for a friend.

Be warned. You must check, very, very carefully, what you intend to buy. If the plate has a chip or a crack, it’s valueless…, leave it. If an item has obvious repairs, it’s worth $0. And on clothing, don’t go by the marked size only. Check to see that it’s not mis-sized or hasn’t been shrunk in the wash. (This is where I go off on a rant. People! The care instructions are on the tag for a reason. Read them! If it says dry-clean only, don’t  throw it in the washing machine. Duh!) And if it’s vintage, the sizing measurements are not the same as we use today.

Of course, restraint must be applied, so that you don’t end up living like a pack rat with shit stacked up to the ceiling. That’s never good. My philosophy is that if I can’t find an immediate use for it, gift it or sell it immediately then I don’t buy it no matter how wonderful I think it is. Leave it for the next treasure hunter.

Happy Hunting, K.L. Parry