Lunch At La Bamba’s

Lunch At La Bamba’s

Hi Folks! Yeah, I know it’s Saturday. Evidently I lost track of what blog I was to post to this week. I blame it on a frustrating couple of days. Sorry!

This last Saturday after a morning of yard “sailing” with sister Cindy, we  went to fill our tummies at a local Burbank gem. This place is one of my town’s best kept secrets. La Bamba’s.

La Bamba’s, located at the corner of Glenoaks Blvd and Lamer, looks more like a place you’d find in one of our beach communities. This out-door seating, casual dinning establishment offers a quaint and kick-back experience. Misters hung from the perimeter, outside of a plastic curtain that is pulled to enclose the patio during cooler months, provide a refreshing spot to take lunch or enjoy a relaxing dinner.

This place just can’t go wrong, serving a superb fare that I’d classify as Caribbean cuisine.  I go there specifically for the Lobster Tacos that come with a delicious side of sweet black beans and a lovely yellow rice. And don’t forget the Sweet Potato Fries done to a perfect crispness.  (I know that they coat their fries with something to make them crisp but since I’ve not had a reaction to them I can safely assume that they are gluten free.) That particular plate without fries runs $16.95. Some might think it’s a little pricy for such a casual establishment but the portions were large enough to split. Coupled with the order of sweet potato fries, Cindy and I could hardly finish what we had. And we are not light eaters. So the next time you’re in Burbank, stop by La Bamba’s.

You can check out their menu @ Not to be confused with the restaurant chain. This is a mom and pop establishment.

See ya next week! Go USA!

~ K.L. Parry ~ Author of The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom


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