This blog is purely for entertainment purposes. Should you find any part of it insulting or offensive by all means, stop reading it!  If you find it gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling, seek medical attention! (There is something wrong with you.) However if you find it somewhat entertaining then click on the subscribe button. I might also consider guest post’s providing it’s not too long-winded. E-mail me at with your article.

Hi de ho, there! I’m a struggling indie-author and lover of adventure, food and fun. Having been financially challenged all my life, I have searched out ways to entertain myself, my children and friends and still keep within my tight budget.

In this blog, in a “not so serious” fashion, I will bring you along with me on my excursions. I’ll share with you my  experiences and my opinions on a variety of things including a book review or two. (Don’t hold me to that one.)

So jump onboard and buckle-up, keep a zanny at the ready incase the road gets a little bumpy and let’s have some fun.

~K.L. Parry ~


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