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West Hollywood Halloween Extravaganza






Boo! Just as a warning, I am on my second glass of wine…muhaaaaaa!

Guess where I spent my All Hallows Eve?


Ah, forget the guessing. I’ll tell you. On the streets of West Hollywood at the craziest, rockin’est Halloween Party ever!

Here is where I was going to give you a little history on the carnival.

Not! Couldn’t find any. But what I can say is that this party is one of the largest, if not the “most attended on one single evening” festivals of its kind. Seriously, I thought we had arrived at the festival until my friend Jamie and I actually arrived at the festival.

On a personal note. Thank you Jamie for allowing me to talk you into this craziness and indulging me on this adventure.

From babies in backpacks to geriatric in wheel chairs, every nationality, gay, straight and in-between could be found in attendance of this annual event hosted by the City of West Hollywood. I thought all the hype was more urban legend than fact but it was more than I had ever imagined. And, it was awesome. The electric energy created by so many gathered in one place for the sole purpose of expressing their alter egos was mind-blowing. I felt ALIVE! A phrase I actually yelled out from the crowd that had gathered in front of the main stage. We were all bouncing to some unrecognized Techno tune spinning out from one of the featured DJ’s. For a moment I was transported back to my youth and the memory of an outdoor concert at some forgotten location. I was pressed in amongst hundreds, our bodies vibrating from the base, moving to the music.

Let me regress. It was kind of a last-minute decision to attend this carnival. I really can’t say what made me think of it but I got it in my head that I wanted to go. And, my first choice to accompany me was the only person I thought I’d be able to talk into it, my very dear friend Jamie. But when I made that phone call he sounded a little hesitant. Still, I was persistent, promising him an adventure and, Oh boy!, did I deliver on that! Yea, and I wanted to dress up too because I had this great costume, but I got the Kibosh on that, it was a no go.

I did have to work that day so I didn’t get home until 8:00 pm. The festival started at 6:00 but it went until 11:00 so I figured we’d still have plenty of time there.  I navigated us through Hollywood via the side streets I’d remembered traveling during my clubbing days in the late seventies. That worked well enough until I had Jamie turn onto Santa Monica Boulevard. YIKES! There we sat in gridlock while his classic, air cooled, Porsche  911 heated up. A half hour later we’d made it to the first intersection, one quarter of a block. We turned off and headed back up, to Sunset strip. The Pink Taco was our first official stop as we let “Baby” cool down and re-thought our plans on where we would find parking. By the way, good ceviche, Pink Taco.

Back on the road, Crescent Heights and Melrose. Behind Fred Siegel‘s. $20.00 got us a parking spot. Without even asking, the attendant points towards Santa Monica Blvd. “15 minute walk”.

Right! A 15 minute walk if you have the speed and the size of a small 12 year old and can dodge between the solid mass of people clogging the same sidewalk you’re on.

But, just the walk itself was so interesting. I hated that we were all passing each other so quickly that I couldn’t get a good look at the costumes. At time I was seriously feeling over stimulated. It was just ridicules trying to take it all in…, visually.

So, this is where I stop and the pictures begin.

Yea, and once again a disclaimer. I am not a photographer! And, to really bring this point home, sometimes I don’t have my camera on the right setting. (Like I knew there was more than one.)

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Not the first we met on our way to the carnival but the best in costume.

A solo Ghost Buster I stopped along the five block walk to the festival.












Hookin’ up with Charlie admits the crowd on Santa Monica.

There were warnings all over about buying from unlicensed hot dog vendors. But they sure look good!


Ran into Cher and Kiss as they were leaving the festival.













La Cienega Blvd and Santa Monica Blvd


The man of the hour and fellow adventurer, Jamie. You are über awesome! And, still walking.

Freaky! But we’ve arrived!











The crowd is just unbelievable. It’s like this for blocks. Not for the claustrophobic!

After bouncing to the DJ I was off to the port-a-potties where I ran into this lovely lady.


Then I met up with this flamboyant pair.












And, of course, what party would be complete without a visit from the original party go-ers, Adam and Eve.


There was entertainment at several locations, and bands, along with DJ’s and so many great costumes. There was just no way for me to photograph them all. Really, physical impossibility, there was no way! But I hope the pictures I have posted will give you some idea of just what a bitchin party it was.


“Next year. You take the day off, dress up and we get here before 6:00 pm.”  That’s what Jamie said.


Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Until next week.

~ K.L. Parry ~ Author of The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom







Last Friday, the 13th as it happened to be, I was perusing facebook when I came across a post for a monster convention. Monsterpalozza. I was immediately intrigued particularily because it was being held at a hotel a mile down the road from me.

Creature from the Monster Museum

“But what?” you say. “You didn’t think I liked horror.”

You’re right! I don’t like horror movies with blood and gore and little dolls that chase after me with small knives. I especially don’t watch anything that has possessed people climbing the walls, spinning their heads or pulling others into their televisions. But I can admire the art in the crafting of these creatures from conception to form.

Unfortunately for me and you, my readers, I was unable to draft a companion into accompanying me. Most of my friends require a signed invitation, several pleading phone calls and a two week notice…, lol. Thus, my solo attendance meant that I had no one to suggest that I might want to make notes on the pictures I was taking. See how I conviently place the blame on a nonexistant person to avoid accepting responsibility?  So, my deepest apologies go out to those of the craft for any mislabeled photos. Of which their undoubtly will be many if not most.

I’d also like to add that I am NOT a professional photographer. So no comments about my lousy camera work. Ha!


Crown Brush - vendor for theatrical cosmetics and applicators

Vendor, special effect

Artist, Allen Williams -

Killer Clown

Some Steam Punk from Jesse Gee Arts - Vendors Booth

Didn't I see this in the movie "Hugo" ?

Vendor's Booth

Vendor's Booth

Vendor's Booth

Avatar - Special Effects

Vendor's Booth

Vendor's Booth, sculpture. This one still creeps me out!

An American Werwolf in London by master sculptor, Mike Hill.

Scary Clown Booth

Vendor's Booth

Another museum creature and a Terminator hand, I think?

Yet, another creature in the museum. It was dark, sorry!

Master Sculptor Mike Hill recreates life-size Jack Pierce, a legendary genius in horror makeup and the artist for Boris Karloff's makeup as the mummy.

Close up of wax sculpture of Boris Karloff as the Mummy,by Mike Hill.

















































































Keep it real if you can’t make it with wax.

~ K. L. Parry ~ Author of The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom

Zombie Saving Time


Spring forward, fall back. Really? What century am I in and why are we still practicing this archaic, by yearly ritual? Does the reasons for bumping the hour hand on our clocks still exist?

I can see the need to make use of all the daylight hours. I’m all for doing what we can to conserve our planet’s resources. So, why do we go back to Standard Time every year? Why can’t we just stay on Daylight Saving Time? (Follow the link for a history.)

I say we start a petition! Organize a march on Washington! That’s right! Stand up for all those whose internal clocks are crashed twice a year. Just think of the lives that could be saved because I’m so cranky right now, I’m about ready to kill someone!

Oh, yeah…, and a re-cap of last night’s episode of “The River“. Thank the lord, there is only one more week of this. I should just stick to reviews…, ha!

Season 1 Episode 7

This week’s episode we’re at the deserted compound with a search party consisting of Lincoln, Tess, Lena, cameraman 1 and 2, gun for hire, Kurt and producer Clark. The compound is a mess, looking very much like something catastrophic had occurred there.

We finally get a glimpse of Kurt’s back story in flashbacks of him with his girlfriend/fiance as she talks about heading out to work a security job in South American.

End of flash back…, the search party enters into the main building that stands on the compound. They find Emmet’s hat which leads them all to believe that he may still be there. As they continue to explore the site, they discover that it was a research facility. Research of a dubious nature when they find a villager’s body preserved in a glass tank. Yuck!

Then they discover the bodies. A freezer full of rotting corpses. Guess we know now where everyone disappeared to, or not. Gruesome findings but to the relief of our search party, no Emmet Cole. Miraculous though, who shows up alive and relatively well is the woman producer from Cole’s lost expedition.

Quick! Run for your lives! Flesh eating Zombies! What?!

Now, we flash back to the lab as the scientists are dissecting one of the natives while they ou and ah over his remarkably youthful organs. They think they have found in him the secret to longevity. Kurt’s girlfriend barges in, evidently to stop them from discovering something further, I think. She shoots one of the scientist and inadvertently causes some sort of toxic viral spill which immediately affects everyone in the operating room, including herself. Wa la! We have Zombies!

Flash back over…, our party is hiding from Zombies. Then the Zombies go away. Poor things tire easily and need to take frequent naps. The search party does one last search of the compound to find Cole but they don’t hold out much hope until a dragonfly appears to led them. (Dragon flies have magical powers in the Amazon, you know.) Oh, and on the way they find sleeping Zombies and Kurt blast them with his big gun.

Yeah! Emmet’s cocooned in a room on the roof. Yes, I said cocooned, giant man-sized cocoon. Tess cuts the sack. Cole’s slimy, unconscious body is pulled from it and they make a frantic run for the Magus as more Zombies begin to chase them.

Whew! Safe onboard ship, Emmet’s dog strangely refusing to join them, they take off down the river. Yikes another Zombie attack and this time it’s Kurt’s ex that wants to eat their brains.

Kurt, heartbroken and unable to save her, blows her head off. But there’s still another Zombie on board and Cole wakes up from his cocoon induced coma to blast it.

He makes some comment but I don’t remember what it was…, shrug…,sorry.

My thoughts? Crazy, man! Loved it even though I wondered how they came up with the seemingly endless supply of Zombies after Kurt  had supposedly killed all but his girlfriend. 

Until next week, Buy USA!

~ K.L. Parry ~ author of “The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom”



Hi there and welcome back to my Blog. Well, I had a lot of things on my “to do” list today including working on my latest manuscript. However, all that went by the wayside when my roommate, who also happens to be my youngest son, was given the day off from work. Since my bedroom/office is also the livingroom and the location of our only TV you can be certain that anything I wanted to do that required solitude was not going to get done. So instead, I spent the day watching movies.

First I was off to the AMC Burbank Town Center 8 in the Burbank Mall to see “Hugo”, directed by Martin Scorsese. Let me say this for the theater, OUCH! My back, my ass and my legs were killing me! This theater is in much need of a remodel. The old style, immobile seating was unbelievably uncomfortable. Hey, Scorsese! Cut loose with a few bucks and adopt a theater. These people need some new seats so the rest of us can better enjoy your movies!

OK, now back to my review.

Movie Poster

This is a story about Hugo, a boy, who having already lost his Mother at some earlier time, now looses his father. Suddenly the boy’s life goes from one of family security to that of an orphan, abandoned by his only living relative, a drunk and slovenly uncle, to live out his existence in the clock tower of a railway station. Left to maintain the clocks so that his shiftless uncle can do as he pleases, Hugo is forced to fend for himself, stealing what he needs to survive from the station’s vendors.

Set in Paris, France sometime near the late 1800’s (I think), this film was visual eye candy for me. I also thought the characters delightful and I was particularly fond of the glimpses of those that worked at the station. But I must say that the story itself lagged for me at the beginning. I kept asking myself “Where is it going?” However, I was a bit, very small bit, intrigued and willing to wait it out. Then somewhere in the middle of the film it flip-flops and the story changes focus. Suddenly it’s Ben Kingsley’s character, George Melies, the toy shop owner, who becomes the focus of the story. The action picks up, his story unfolds then the movie rushes to an ends with a predictable dilemma for Hugo that is quickly resolved. I was left feeling that poor young Hugo was abandoned once again, but this time by the story line.

Johnny Depth is one of the film’s Producers so for this reason it may make it into someone’s personal library. But not mine.

Home from the theater, I made myself dinner and then my son presented me with a couple of rentals, one being “Super 8”, directed by JJ Abrams. This was a film that I had wanted to see at the theater but never did and I don’t remember why?….

Image from Movie Trailer

Super 8 is a story about a middle-grade boy and his friends who are determined to complete the filming of their Zombie movie. After sneaking away from their homes late one night, they arrive at a deserted railway station to work on their film when a horrific train accident occurs right in front of them. They then discover that the accident was no accident after all and are sworn to secrecy until frightening and unexplainable things begin to happen in their town.

Ye, ha! This film had my undivided attention from beginning to end and that spectacular beginning was the most awesome car flying, exploding containers and fiery debris train wreak I’ve ever seen. There were also some wonderful subplots dealing with, yet another, parental loss and a boy falling for a girl.

I really do so wish I had seen this one on the big screen. It is a great middle grade and YA flick that’s fun for the big kids too. I don’t want to say too much more  other than that I loved it and intend on purchasing my own copy to nestle beside my Goonies DVD.

Until next week, keep it real and buy USA!

K.L. Parry ~ Author of “The Pirate’s Daughter And A King’s Ransom”

I’m Partying It Up!


Finally! My favorite time of the year has arrived. Beginning with Halloween through New Years I always look forward to what wonderful activities await me. It’s probably due to the fact that my birthday falls on November 1st, the auspicious Day Of The Dead, that my love affair with autumn began. Add to that the cooler weather and I’m as happy as a duck in a pond. I can go back to heating up my home with pots of soup simmering on the stove top, I can snuggle up in my favorite fuzzy blanket and I can work out in my garden without the fear of heat stroke. Yes, my fair complexion and constant hot flashes prohibit me from enjoying much of the California summer, relegating me to a window view of the season while I plant myself in front of the air conditioner. But, now that the temps have dropped below 80, I’m free to enjoy all that I love.

One of the great things about having a birthday so close to Halloween is that there is always a party somewhere. And though of late, I’ve been working most my weekends, I won’t let that keep me from enjoying myself late into the evening this coming weekend. That’s right folks! I’m partying it up, though I will hold myself to a two drink minimum…opps, I meant two drink maximum…lol! And who posted an age limit to dressing in costume at Halloween? When does anyone become “too old for that sort of stuff”? What a bunch of commie bullshit! Why, it’s my right…no, my duty as an American to pursue life, liberty and the right to celebrate Halloween in full regalia until they plant my cold dead body ten feet under! So here’s a flip of the bird to all you “Bahumbug”ers and “you’re too old”ers. You go right ahead and turn off your porch lights, close your curtains and eat your Swanson frozen dinner from your worn-out Barker Lounge cause I’ll be having the time of my live ambushing trick or treaters with silly string in my Zombie costume and handing out Moon Pies.







If you’re in the mood for some Halloween stimuli to get you in the mood, here’s a top 10 list, (in no particular order) of some of my favorite Halloween Flixs.


From Hell ~ starring Johnny Depp and Heather Graham

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow ~ starring Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci

Edward Sizzorhands ~ starring Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankinstein

Abbott And Costello Meet the Mummy

Hocus Pocus ~ Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker

Constantine ~ starring Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz

Rocky Horror Picture Show ~ starring Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon

Dracula ~ starring Frank Langella and Janine Duvitski

Bram Stroker’s Dracula ~ starring Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder

Happy Halloween ~ K.L. Parry