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It’s Not What I Recalled!



Sorry, pressed for time. But I did make time to go see the latest re-make of one of my favorite Schwargneer movies, Total Recall.



If you’ve never seen the original, you’ll probably like this one. If you have, you’ll be disappointed as I was when I discovered how they’ve changed up the plot. I would have loved to have seen an updated version of this sci-fi, action adventure which is what I expected to see after watching the previews.

Don’t be looking for any mutants or alien technology cause this version doesn’t have any of these other than the three breasted woman. Plastic surgery, not mutant. Though they’ve retained the character names and some aspects of the original, the settings have changed and so too some of the main aspects of the plot.


Don’t be fooled. This movie has very little in common with the original and quite frankly, I feel cheated.

I just got this one message to send out to all those script writers, directors and producers. Don’t change the plot when you already have something that works! Please! I hate it when you do that! Which is why I have stopped paying money to go see re-makes in the theater. I reserve those for Netflix rentals if at all.



Really, I can’t even say whether you should go see this or not. It’s just not what I was expecting.


K.L. Parry ~ Author of The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom


Moving Madness


Hello folks! I am back from the brink of insanity!

 That’s right. I was moving.

A traumatic experience for me as I am a nester, not to be confused with hoarder. I go to great lengths to make my home as comfortable for myself as possible with the idea that I’m going to live there forever. So a move from my current abode, even if it is only two doors away, means a disruption in the harmony of my life. Also, though I may not keep the cleanest house, I do keep it very organized and the disorganization that results from moving is a real added stress. As someone who assigns everything a place, I rarely ever misplace anything. Still, I lost my house key three times in a week because I hadn’t established a regular place to put it. I even lost my keys to one of my work places, though I did finally find them in my purse where they had somehow, quite mysteriously, fallen into the wrong pocket…, lol.

In case you didn’t catch my meaning earlier, I do HATE moving! Really, if I hadn’t needed the space, I wouldn’t have. But after a year of sharing my one bedroom apartment, my youngest son/room-mate and I decided it was time to find a bigger place. We are splitting the rent now instead of our privacy. And it is wonderful to have my own space again.

That being said, there are a million projects that are screaming for my immediate attention. Curtains to be hemmed and hung, walls to be painted and a bathroom that has some serious design flaws that I MUST correct. Oh, yes, and the reconstruction of my bed. When I put it together I forgot a few parts making it a bit unstable. That’s another thing on my to-do-list, to name a few.

I had somewhat ill-timed a refurbishing project two weeks before the move. I’d decide to paint and recover a dinning set so that I’d have something nice to put into my new dinning room. From the 60’s, the 4 chairs and table base are made of rod-iron with a huge, heavy glass table top. The seat cushions and upholstered chair backs were in sore need of replacement having suffered tremendous abuse at the hands of children and a clawing cat. I expected the project to take me a couple of days. But it took me nearly the whole two weeks to complete.  Needless to say, I probably should have been getting ready for the move instead of taking on a new project. Not that I actually believe it would have made the move any easier but I would have been better prepared and a bit more organised… possibly.

It didn’t help either, that I only had those two weeks to prepare for the move. Though I had informed the landlord that I had wanted the soon to be vacant two bedroom, I wasn’t expecting to be moving in until July which would have given me a month to get ready. As it turned out the exiting tenant didn’t want to have to pay for a full month’s rent when she was to be out by June 10th so when she asked me to split the month and take over the apartment in mid June, I, without thinking it completely through, said “Sure, I can move in on the 15th.” 

 Big mistake! 

I wasn’t ready, the new apartment wasn’t ready and I was literally in tears come moving day. But despite everything, I survived and am feeling a lot better about what I was coming to view as a dubious and rash decision.

My Dinning Set, refurbished


Until next week’s posting to “Following The Dream”, have a great week!

~ K.L. Parry ~ Author of “The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom”

In Search of Cleopatra


Sorry for the lateness of my post. It has been a crazy, busy week. But.., “better late than never”, I always say!

Anyway…. I was thrilled this last Monday (Memorial Day) to have the opportunity to view the Cleopatra Exhibit at the California Science Center. Ancient Egypt has always fascinated me, particularly when it came to their art. So, when friend Jamie suggested we do something on this holiday monday, (that I, for once, had off), I put forth the idea of  visiting this exhibit. And, I was not disappointed.

For those of you that aren’t quite up on ancient Egypt, Cleopatra VII was the last Queen of Egypt. Her alliance, both personally and politically with two of the most powerful leaders of the ancient world, Julius Caesar and General Mark Anthony, was quite unpopular with the Roman Senate. Her influence on them, lead to the demise of both men. One at the hand of his countrymen, the other, by his own hand when false rumors circulated of Cleopatra’s death.

Cleopatra later took her own life as a last act of defiance against her Roman conquers.

The bust head pictured below was not on display at this exhibit but I wanted to post this to attest Cleopatra’s legendary beauty. After her death, Roman leaders ordered all likenesses of her destroyed and slanted their histories, portraying her as nothing more than a seductress.

California Science Museum Exhibit “The Search for the Last Queen of Egypt”


Bust head of Cleopatra VII

Black stone Queen

The black stone Queen on the right was excavated  from the ocean floor in the Bay of  Alexandria. Alexandria is the city it is thought Cleopatra reigned from. Sometime after her death, Alexandria was hit by earthquakes and a massive tsunami which destroyed the city. Undersea excavators have spent the last 20 years retrieving ancient treasures from this site.

Gold, possibly from a temple.

Gold Coin

Matching Sphinxes recovered from Alexandria site











So, what did I think of the exhibit? “Very cool!”

The beautifully designed exhibit provides you with a personal automated tour. Visual displays and audio commentaries add to this rich experience. A must see for ancient history buff and the curious. I highly recommend this.














You can learn more about Cleopatra and this exhibit sponsored by National Geographic by visiting (Sorry, you may have to cut and past this one to your browser.)

Also check out California Science Museum (Another copy and paste)

for dates and show times.


Until next week at “Following the Dream”.

~ K.L. Parry ~ author of The Pirate’s daughter and a King’s Ransom

Turkey Legs at the Renaissance Faire


Howdy, Folks! In last week’s blog  “Following the Dream” I posted a few pictures from my day at The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire. This week I’d like to expand on that a little.

I was so pleased when my friend, Carol, called me to ask if I wanted to go to the faire with her. Of course my answer was, YES! By the way, she got a great 2 for 1 deal on Groupon.  

So I shook the moths out of my old costumes, I couldn’t believe that I found one that fit, and we headed out to the Santa Fe Dam Recreation area here in sunny So. Cal. The site, located next to a lake was ideal and the weather was perfect, though the threat of rain served to discourage a large crowd. I couldn’t have been happier about that, seeing there were no lines to swelter in at the food court.

It was easy pickin’ ordering Turkey Legs and Baked Potatoes. Too bad I didn’t think to question the ingredients that went into the potato toppings I had added. Within the hour I was forced to park myself  in the “Privy”, suffering from a reaction to gluten.

Ah! When am I going to learn.

But, I was not going to be waylaid by a cheese spread. Determined to ignore the excruciating intestinal cramping, I cowgirled up and made my way to the nearest stage. That is where I was treated to the musical styling of Circa Paleo and the gifted violinist, Jenny O’ Connor. Her stage presence along with her tremendous talent had me mesmerized.

Now that I’ve found them through Goggle, I’ll be purchasing one of their CD’s.












Then we were off  to see the Clan MacColin Irish Dancers from the Guild of St Andrew.  Everyone Dances in this troupe including the musicians. 









“Make way for the Queen!” and her procession. Which we did as we were making our way to the Joust. Perhaps if we had made it to the 3:00 show instead of the 5:00 we might have seen more jousting and less rolling in the dirt. I’ve seen better, but not in a long while so I won’t complain…, much.





What I hadn’t seen before were the aerialist. Suspended Reality preformed in the fashion of story telling  with the tale of Oberon the Fairy King’s search for his Queen.

Love to show you more pictures but due to the constraints of this blog I can’t easily load them without screwing  up what I’ve already done. So, let me close by saying that despite tummy trouble, I had a great time and look forward to next year’s faire.   



Don’t forget, next week’s post will be to my other blog “Following the Dream”.

Until then, wash your hands frequently, the flu’s going around.

~ K.L. Parry ~ Author of “The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom

Lady Luck


I‘m back…muhaaaaa. Yes folks. I’ve returned from my annual jaunt to Las Vegas. As always, it was a frenzy of flashing lights, chiming slot machines and people all looking to hit it big. I’m happy to say that I out did myself from previous years hitting a total of 15 different casinos in my attempt to find the video poker machine that would throw me a Royal Flush.

Alas, my search was futile. Lady Luck was not smiling down on me in that respect but I had fun at the attempt.

On the way into Vegas, stopping at State Line, I saw the longest line of people waiting to buy California lottery tickets. (Mega Millions was up to something like 568 million.) The wait was 6 hours. Geezzzzz! Needless to say, we only drove by to get pictures of the crowd. You can’t tell by this one but that line is doubled and snakes around the front of the building and extends as far back as where I stood to take this pic.

I did breakfast at my favorite casino coffee shop located in the Golden Gate Casino which has the best buttery scrambled eggs ever!
I had the worst prime rib dinner at the Gold Strike, located on Ogden. Not to be confused with Gold Spike which lies outside of Vegas in Gene.

I hit a few pawn shops looking for treasures,(didn’t find any). Checked out an Antique mall with the hopes of locating a piece or two of my vintage china.  Still trying to replace what an ex-boyfriend broke a couple of years back. (That’s what I get for asking him to do the dishes…lol.) No luck on that one either.

Jonelle and I drove out to Red Rock to see some spectacular scenery. Unfortunately it was late in the afternoon, so we didn’t stop to do any hiking. However, we did drive the 13 mile scenic route and, by the way, they don’t tell you in the guidebooks that there is a fee of 7.00 to get into the area. Clever…huh.

But…, the most exciting part of this adventure was the drive home.

Leaving Vegas at a warm 85 degrees with moderate winds, outside Baker the temps dropped almost 35 degrees and we were hit by a sand storm. Shit, howdy! At first Jonelle thought it was some sort of tulle fog rolling in but no, it was waves of fine sand and pebbles. Dark thirty, we crawled along at 35 mph, down from the 80 I was averaging. After five or so miles of that, the sand stopped and the rain hit. It was crazy! To top it off, I nearly ran out of gas. I’d been pushing against a strong head wind all they way and hadn’t paid attention to my gas consumption. I had to stop to gas up in San Dimas, about 30 minutes from home. Wild when you realize that it took less than a tank of gas to get to Vegas.

So, the paint on my car is a little worse from the wear, dings from the pebbles and the hood looks like someone ran sand paper across it but it had needed new paint since before I bought the car. (Bad clear coat.) Oh, well, I’ll put that on my list, adding to a million other things I need to save money for…lol. What can you do but laugh.

Just for fun, here’s the list in no particular order of the casinos I visited.

What? It was over four days.

Golden Nugget (My favorite place to stay. Nicest place on Fremont Street with the best beds. Pillowtop mattresses, but no blow dryer. Bitchen water slide that takes you through a giant fish tank.)

Golden Gate (Best Homestyle Breakfast)

Four Queens


The Plaza (Bingo!)

The California

Las Vegas Club

Gold Spike (Old style machines that pay out nickels.)

Gold Strike (Worst food and you have to wait for an attendant to pay out.)

Silverton (Super cool Mermaid bar. Jelly fish tank and Mermaid tank. Bass pro-shop.)

Whiskey Pete’s (Still a dive.)



Stratosphere (Won at Roulette here.)

Main Street Station (Beautiful old style Lobby and elevators done in Victorian style woods.)

Note: I will be reducing my posts to this blog to every other week, alternating between this one and my other blog, “Following The Dream.” I’m feeling pinched for writing time between the two blogs, my manuscript for the next novel, working two part time jobs and trying to keep my apartment safe enough for human habitation. Hopefully this will make for better quality posts as I won’t be pressed to write more than one a week.

In the meantime, don’t trust too much in lady luck and you won’t be disappointed.

~ K.L. Parry ~ author of  “The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom”