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Sorry for my absence, it has been a busy couple of weeks. So, let me give you a brief run down on what I’ve been up to.

Movies; time traveling sci-fy with Bruce Willis in Loopers. How would you react if you were faced with the task of executing your future self? Creative and entertaining. I don’t know why this film got negative reviews. I can only assume that those who didn’t like it, don’t enjoy science-fiction. Probably out of theaters at this point, look for the DVD release for home viewing.

Skyfall with Daniel Craig as bad boy, 007. A salute to 50 years of Bond. I thought this was an awesome flick despite the extremely uncomfortable distraction of a freezing theater. I mean, really frickin’ cold. I had a sweater on and 20 minutes into the movie I had to slip into my coat and was still freezing. And, no need to worry about the baby seated next to me, once the movie started his own mother wouldn’t have been able to hear him cry due to the excessively loud volume that seems to be the norm for this set of theaters. Seriously, I’ve been to rock concerts that were quieter. AMC 16 in Burbank, California, SHAME ON YOU for such poor customer consideration. Despite the convenience of your location, I’ve decided to seek another venue to re-visit this movie and view future flicks. One that is not an AMC Theater.

Make it a Misfits marathon. Which is what I did this last weekend thanks to the Hulu Plus streaming through my son’s Playstation. The British comedy, horror, drama, sci-fy didn’t impress me with Season 1 until I viewed the last few episodes which baited me into watching Season 2. Then I was hooked. This series is for mature audiences only and always ends up with at least one gruesome death per episode. Some of the characters are a little difficult to understand and there are quite often cheeky references that are lost on me. But, despite that, I find most of the story lines engaging. Misfits is dark, twisted, clever and sometimes surprisingly shocking for this puritanical American. Just started watching Season 3. Can’t wait to see what’s in-store for my favorite characters.

Food; The SmokeHouse Restaurant located across the street from Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank. 4420 W. Lakeside Drive. This old school steak house still fits the bill when I’m craving a nice piece of red meat, just don’t order the twice baked potatoes… terrible.  Here’s a little history on this establishment taken directly from its web page.

Established in 1946, The SmokeHouse was built at the end of WWII and is one of the few L.A. restaurants still in existence from that era.

The original restaurant was located at the corner of Pass and Riverside avenue and seated 46 people and was enjoyed by local luminaries like Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. Jim Stockton was the promoter and front man for the restaurant with Jack Monroe as the head cook. The Smokehouse was so successful and packed with customers that they soon began looking for a new building. In 1949 the Smokehouse moved to its current location. Built beside the world famous Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, California, the SmokeHouse is a favorite hang out for actors, producers, and anyone else in the industry. In the 60’s it was common to come in for lunch and find the place filled with costumed cowboy and indian extras having lunch.

Let me not forget Thanksgiving!  What kind of a holiday gathering be it without someone going off like Mt. Vesuvius, hum?

Once again it was a veritable feast of comfort foods with the family gather for a late dinner at sister, Cindy’s house. My turkey looked a “work-of-art” and everything was moving along perfectly until I burned the buttered almonds for my Green Bean Almondine. Then it spiraled down from there as exhaustion and an aggravated shoulder injury had me teetering on my last nerve. It only took a few of the men folk to question a simple request, to set me off. I exploded, uncontrollably, in what can only be described as a “South Park” moment, the top of my head blowing-off  like an erupting volcano, spewing forth sarcastic remarks and obscenities.


Thank goodness, sister Cindy saved the day by having us immediately perform “The Thanksgiving Feast Song”

I have provided a link to the video for your amusement. You may have to copy and paste. Enjoy!


My Webber BBQ roasted/smoked turkey

Whew!!!! What a ride!

Until next week, buy  “Made in USA”

~ K.L. Parry, author of The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom.



Itchy Bumps Recaps ABC’s Finale Episode of The River Season 1


Wow! You’re back! I hope you all have recovered from another St. Patrick’s Day. You know, not even the Ireland Irish make as big a deal of this holiday as we Americans do. But by God, if we’re going to do it, then might as well do it BIG!

Just funnin’ with ya.

As you know spring is right around the corner. Already my roses are beginning to bloom and it makes me want to spend time in my gardens. There’s nothing like getting dirt under my nails, in my hair and all over the place. Unfortunately when it gets on my face, I break out in itchy spots.

I don’t know what the deal is, but evidently over the years I have become allergic to dirt. It’s not something that’s just came up. I started having this problem about 10 years ago and over time it has gotten worse. The same thing happens when I handle newspapers too. If I somehow get newspaper dirt on my face, (which happens), it causes red, swelled, itchy spots too. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I also have a metal allergy.

By George! I think I’ve got it!

Could it be, that there are metals in the soil and, maybe, there are metals in newspaper ink? I’ll have to google it.

You can see how I’m working this out, can’t you?. I’m like a regular Sherlock Holms…, ha!

Well, enough about my red, itchy bumps. Now for the LAST of my re-caps of ABC’s paranormal, adventure “The River”.


The River, Season 1, Finale

The crew of the Magus is finally heading home. Lincoln and rescued adventurer, Dr Emmet Cole, are having a little father and son time on deck when BOOM! a bullet catches Lincoln, dropping him like a sack of rocks. People scream, chaos ensues and Lincoln is pronounced dead.

Like the vengeful mother, Tess threatens to kill whoever felled her son. But not in a crazy, grief stricken, “Awww! My son is dead!” way, but in a weird, too cool, “I’m going to get you”, way. Lame.

Of course, Tess asks her husband, Emmet if he can do something witchy now that he knows magic, but Emmet says no. Bad juju to consort with demons.

Next we see Jahel, the ship’s mechanic’s daughter, at the helm. She hears something coming over the ship’s com. All we get to hear is static as she carries on a conversation with what we can only assume is a spirit.  The next thing you know, she’s down in the ship’s belly chanting and tearing up taro cards as she and Tess call on the spirits to return Lincoln’s soul to them. And, no “raising from the dead” would be complete without some blood letting courtesy of mama Tess.

Things get wiggy, lights flicker, stuff flies around, women scream, again, while some jungle entity makes it way to the ship. Then, walla! Lincoln is alive or is he?

Emmet suspects something’s fishy when his son tells him he loves him. Yes, very suspicious.

So, everyone goes about their business, like no big thang. Jonas stumbles upon Lincoln making a sandwich in the galley. Lincoln kills him with one punch because he knew it was Jonas that fired the bullet that was meant to kill Lincoln’s father.

Now we know that something is wrong with our boy. He’s POSSESSED by the god of all demons, Botuni. (I’m sure I didn’t get the spirit’s name right. ) Then Lincoln/Botuni, go after Kurt, the hired gun, finding him in the cell he’d been locked in because everyone thought he shot Lincoln.

Anyways, Lincoln/Botuni beats up Kurt. Something about Kurt being a guardian. Wasn’t quite sure what that was all about???? I didn’t catch all the dialogue because I was buttering some nuked green beans and only half listening. Hey! I was starving!

Ok, so Emmet figures out that Lincoln is not Lincoln. They trap him. Chain him up and preform sort of an exorcism. Spirit leaves. Lincoln is Lincoln again. Yeah! 

Now, the Magus is only two kilometers from civilization and the helicopter that will take our search party home, when, WHAT?!! “Where is the village that was suppose to be here?”

Yikes! Looks like the Amazon isn’t done with them yet as it morphs like a transformer, moving land mass and water to reshape itself, virtually cutting off any way of escape.

The End

My thoughts? Exciting and ludicrous but then again, still entertaining. However…, not sure how they are going to get another season out of this. Should they get picked up, I’ll probably watch. It’s still better than most of what the net works have given me to choose from.

When there’s a choice, buy USA.

~ K.L. Parry ~ Author of “The Pirate’s Daughter And a King’s Ransom”

Zombie Saving Time


Spring forward, fall back. Really? What century am I in and why are we still practicing this archaic, by yearly ritual? Does the reasons for bumping the hour hand on our clocks still exist?

I can see the need to make use of all the daylight hours. I’m all for doing what we can to conserve our planet’s resources. So, why do we go back to Standard Time every year? Why can’t we just stay on Daylight Saving Time? (Follow the link for a history.)

I say we start a petition! Organize a march on Washington! That’s right! Stand up for all those whose internal clocks are crashed twice a year. Just think of the lives that could be saved because I’m so cranky right now, I’m about ready to kill someone!

Oh, yeah…, and a re-cap of last night’s episode of “The River“. Thank the lord, there is only one more week of this. I should just stick to reviews…, ha!

Season 1 Episode 7

This week’s episode we’re at the deserted compound with a search party consisting of Lincoln, Tess, Lena, cameraman 1 and 2, gun for hire, Kurt and producer Clark. The compound is a mess, looking very much like something catastrophic had occurred there.

We finally get a glimpse of Kurt’s back story in flashbacks of him with his girlfriend/fiance as she talks about heading out to work a security job in South American.

End of flash back…, the search party enters into the main building that stands on the compound. They find Emmet’s hat which leads them all to believe that he may still be there. As they continue to explore the site, they discover that it was a research facility. Research of a dubious nature when they find a villager’s body preserved in a glass tank. Yuck!

Then they discover the bodies. A freezer full of rotting corpses. Guess we know now where everyone disappeared to, or not. Gruesome findings but to the relief of our search party, no Emmet Cole. Miraculous though, who shows up alive and relatively well is the woman producer from Cole’s lost expedition.

Quick! Run for your lives! Flesh eating Zombies! What?!

Now, we flash back to the lab as the scientists are dissecting one of the natives while they ou and ah over his remarkably youthful organs. They think they have found in him the secret to longevity. Kurt’s girlfriend barges in, evidently to stop them from discovering something further, I think. She shoots one of the scientist and inadvertently causes some sort of toxic viral spill which immediately affects everyone in the operating room, including herself. Wa la! We have Zombies!

Flash back over…, our party is hiding from Zombies. Then the Zombies go away. Poor things tire easily and need to take frequent naps. The search party does one last search of the compound to find Cole but they don’t hold out much hope until a dragonfly appears to led them. (Dragon flies have magical powers in the Amazon, you know.) Oh, and on the way they find sleeping Zombies and Kurt blast them with his big gun.

Yeah! Emmet’s cocooned in a room on the roof. Yes, I said cocooned, giant man-sized cocoon. Tess cuts the sack. Cole’s slimy, unconscious body is pulled from it and they make a frantic run for the Magus as more Zombies begin to chase them.

Whew! Safe onboard ship, Emmet’s dog strangely refusing to join them, they take off down the river. Yikes another Zombie attack and this time it’s Kurt’s ex that wants to eat their brains.

Kurt, heartbroken and unable to save her, blows her head off. But there’s still another Zombie on board and Cole wakes up from his cocoon induced coma to blast it.

He makes some comment but I don’t remember what it was…, shrug…,sorry.

My thoughts? Crazy, man! Loved it even though I wondered how they came up with the seemingly endless supply of Zombies after Kurt  had supposedly killed all but his girlfriend. 

Until next week, Buy USA!

~ K.L. Parry ~ author of “The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom”

Sucky Re-Cap of “The River”


What is fun for one may not be fun for another. That can also be re-worded to say, what is fun with another may not be fun alone.

I’m talking about packing.  As in, helping someone pack up their belongings when they are preparing to move. 

Over the last several weeks I’ve been spending some of my free time helping a friend pack up her house. It’s not fun by yourself but it is a lot of fun when you have a friend helping you. At least I think it’s fun. You get to learn about that friend’s history, collections and perhaps some of their odder habits as you go through memorabilia, old photographs and rarely opened cabinets. Things are discussed that may not have come up in your regular conversations. Of course there may be other things that one might want to keep “in the closet” but who else to share them with than a good friend.

Well. I’ve come to the conclusion that I suck at this re-cap You’d think that fact alone would deter me from making another attempt? But, No! However, I will give you a link to a page here at WordPress that I think is absolutely brilliant thus giving you the option of reading my dull and lack luster take or the witty and colorful review of another. (Kevin’s blog, THIS IS BLOG!, is really so much better than mine…lol! Look for a link to his site at the bottom of the page under “related articles”, 2nd from top.)

My sucky version is posted below…, ha!

 The River Re-cap Season 1 Episode 6

This week’s episode begins with the crew of the Magus debating on whether to send Lena home after last week’s discovery of her father’s ghost. But she insists on remaining to help in the continued search for survivors of the ill-fated Cole expedition.

With information they had received from last week’s discoveries the search party heads inland to “the falls” where they find Emmet Cole’s pocket knife and backpack along with some new footage that his crew had taped.

Here is where the episode takes a turn. Flashbacks, via the discovered tapes, of the last journey of Cole, his producer and camera man.

Cole and Russel, Lena’s father, are fighting over Cole’s involvement of Lena in the expedition, via satellite. Cole’s excuse was that Lena “is marked for it” (I know, my grammar sucks too.” More sadness for Lena when it’s revealed that her father, Russel, refused to accompany his friend Cole on his one way trip to find the “sourse of all magic”, thus leaving him alone, stranded and eventually easy prey for the ghost ship’s crew and his subsequent demise.

In real-time, after hearing this, Lena shaves the back of her neck to find some weird birthmark. Near this point, she reveals that it was she who remotely activated Cole’s becon that provided the false hope that the adventurer was still alive.

Flashback. Now the expedition of three and one dog are looking for a secretive tribe that guards the source when they are set upon by a jungle spirit which skins Manny, the camera man.

I think it gets the girl producer too but at that point I received a phone call and was distracted.

Now it’s just Cole and the dog which he contemplates killing because he’s starving to death.

Cole’s found by native people, nursed from the brink of death, then dropped off at some chain-link surrounded, modern outpost. Thus ends the flashback.

In real-time, our crew thinks they have found Cole and immediately go in search of the outpost only to find that it has been deserted. Here is where the episode ends.

Wow, there was a lot of information given the audience in this episode. I was riveted to my couch, not wanting to miss a thing.

Yes, I did take a call but only because it was my sister and I knew she wouldn’t have called me at that time unless it was important, which it was.

I think next week’s episode is the last for this mid-season series and I can’t even guess at whether they’ll conclude the story there or set it up for another season. It’ll be interesting to find out.

Until then, if you have the option, BUY USA!

~ K.L. Parry ~ Author of “The Pirate’s Daughter And A King’s Ransom”

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Hunger Games and The River, Episode 5


Hi de ho, there! Welcome back to Fun Stuff Blog and Reviews.

In my attempt to avoid brain implosion this week I picked up the YA novel, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. As a novelist myself, I don’t usually like to read the works of others while I’m composing my own but sometimes I just need the escape.

This post apocalyptic, dark adventure is set in a future where society at large is under the rule of the Capital, an elite sect that controls it populace with fear and the yearly reminders of what can happen to those who may oppose it through  a televised fight for survival called The Hunger Games. The country, having been divided into 13 strictly guarded districts, is forced each year to participate in a lottery where one boy and girl from each of these districts, between the ages of 12 to 18, is chosen to compete. The goal is to be the last survivor.

The story is written in the first person, as the character of a sixteen yr. old girl by the name of Katniss Everdeen who, after having lost her father to a mine explosion years earlier has had to provide for her family which consists of her severely depressed and detached mother and younger sister.

I honestly don’t want to divulge much more of the details since I don’t want to spoil the discovery of some truly touching story telling. But, I will tell you this book had me sniveling and looking for the kleenex pretty early on. That’s not to say that I didn’t have a few issues with Suzanne Collin’s writing style.

I found the present tense, first person awkward at times. It was too rigid and interfered with the flow of certain passages causing me to lose focus on the emotion of the moment to re-read what had been written. But for the most part, I was  engaged and really felt an empathetic connection with the character of Katniss.

I know that a film version of this novel is going to be released in March, I think. Not sure if you want to see the movie first, before you read the book, as most screen adaptations can’t measure up to the original author’s story. It’s your call. But if you enjoy a dark and stirring tale, The Hunger Games is a must read. I’ve already handed off my copy and once the rent is paid, will be heading back to Barns and Noble to pick up the sequel in this trilogy, Catching Fire.

And of course, this blog wouldn’t be complete without a re-cap of tonight’s episode of “The River

“The River” Episode 5

I’m a on the fence with this week’s episode of “The River”. Here’s how it went down.

Unfortunately, I tuned in 6 minutes into the action catching the intrepid crew of the Magus desperately trying to avoid a collision with an on coming ship. It’s night and in their attempt to avoid being hit, they run aground while the mystery ship just seems to disappear.

The Magus’ engines suffer a critical failure due to the crash which forces Tess to man the radio in an attempt to find help and the parts needed to repair their ship.

And as I predicted in last week’s recap, our newest member, Jonas, is questioning Lena about her relationship with Lincoln. She, of course, insist there is nothing between them.

So, after a 12 hour marathon stint over the radio, Tess finally raises a response from a near by ship and they quickly come to the rescue. It’s dark thirty on the river…,ooowh!

It is the Exodus, manned by a crew of four, that shows up to lend aid. The grateful crew of the Magus invites its rescuers to stay for dinner while Jahel and her father work at the repairs.

In the meantime, Lena and Jonas think they have spotted someone else aboard the Exodus and set out to investigate.

Hired gun, Kurt, becomes suspicious of their dinner guest, confronting one and even capping the guy several times, but he doesn’t die.

On board the Exodus, Lena finds her father, member of the lost Cole expedition, Russ Landry, locked below, in chains.

It turns out that the Exodus is some sort of ghost ship and its four passengers need to find their replacements before sunrise in order to finally leave the cursed ship. They almost succeed until Lincoln and producer Clark along with cameraman, Shaun come to the rescue with only minutes to spare.

Alas, our poor Lena must leave her father behind when he reveals to her that he is already dead. In tears she watches him disintegrate as the ghost ship goes up in flames.

The episode ends with Russ Landry’s epitaph on the screen which kind of threw me and forced me to search the internet to assure myself that the character wasn’t a real person that had actually died during the making of the series…, lol.

Not to say that I didn’t find this installment interesting but I would have liked to have seen more of the scary ghost instead of the two lightening quick flashes they gave us. And why didn’t Jahel pick up on the fact that she had a bunch a dead people on the ship. She is our physic connection. Shouldn’t she have sensed these things?

We did learn that Russ obviously got separated from Emmet Cole but we weren’t given a clear indication of why, only that they had lost the Magus somehow. And again there were references to the SOURCE and that Cole seemed to have become possessed by something that would cause him to disappear from the ship at odd times.

Well, quite murky goings on here, but I will be tuning in to see what happens next week. Until then, when you have the choice, buy MADE IN USA. Tired now. See ya later!

~ K. L. Parry ~ author of “The Pirate’s Daughter And A King’s Ransom”

Kum-ba-ya on “The River”


Welcome back to my blog and Yeah! I’m so excited! I’ve booked the rooms for my annual Vegas Retreat and I can’t be more excited. Three days of no responsibility, what so ever. Ok, that’s not exactly true, the responsibility part, but you know what I mean.

Now this year my sister couldn’t make the commitment to go with me, seeing that she’s got some pressing home repairs to finance, so I’ve invited another friend, Jonelle, to accompany me. I hope she won’t mind my snoring too much, and my constant bouncing from one casino to the next…,he,hee. What can I say? That’s the whole point of staying on Freemont Street, the close proximity of 13 casinos…, I said,13! 

But let me tell you about what else I did this week.

So, Monday, I took off with another very dear friend of mine and headed out to Santa Anita Race Track. I know, sounds like I got a thing for gambling and I kinda, do but always within a strict budget and I never exceed that, no matter what. Now, listen. Yea, you can enjoy the track from the cheap seats  but if your someone like me that doesn’t get to go very often, spend the extra money and pay for the Club House Admission. Then, head on up to the Front Runner Restaurant. Make a right down the narrow hall past the window tables, (act like you know where your going), then out the doors to the outside tables. This is where I love to sit. White table cloths, food and drink service with attentive waiters, your own private tv to better view the action, easy access to betting counters and restrooms and a quick exit when it’s time to leave via the Turf Club Elevator. No, I never win at the track so I keep my betting to a minimum but the experience is what I really enjoy. What a great, relaxing time and a must do when you need to decompress.

If you’ve been follow my recent posts, you’ll know that I’ve been watching ABC’s “The River”, which aires on Tuesday at 9:00pm. Somehow I have found myself now in the business of posting weekly recaps and reviews of each episode, at least until they bore me or piss me off and I decide to stop watching. But, since that hasn’t happened yet, here you have it!

 “The River”- Recap Episode 4

Ah, well, ABC’s new paranormal, thriller, adventure, “The River” redeemed itself this week with what I thought was an engrossing episode that sailed all too quickly through its 60 minute time slot. Interesting nature against man situations, a smoky spirit and the introduction of a new cast member definitely kept my interest this week.

The episode started out with our rescue party chugging happily down an Amazonian river sharing a Kum-ba-ya moment complete with guitar and accordion played by Lincoln and Lena. No doubt a tune recalled for their shared childhood. And that’s when our young, seemingly physic, mechanic’s daughter, Jahel spots a man hanging by his neck in the vines along the bank.

Now here’s where I can’t remember whether Jahel’s taro cards warn her of impending trouble before or after they’ve rescued the hanging man who happened to be, Jonas Beckett, camera man from the missing Cole expedition. But whether prior or not she seems to have the physic insight for what troubles are about to befall our rescue party.

Jahel does her best to convince the others to send Jonas back to the jungle spirit that she believes threatens them all as it seeks to re-enslave the camera man.

We have a mass bird suicide followed by an invasion of some large flying bugs.

Producer, Clark reviews old tapes left by Cole to get some kind of clue as to what might have happened with Jonas.

Jonas does his best to hide the truth from the rescue party until it’s discovered that he recorded the sacred funeral rites of an Amazonian Elder and in fact, managed to steal the Elder’s soul when he captured it on his cellphone camera which is revealed at the end of the episode when Jonas, in a desperate act to save the search party from the spirit storm that is on them, allows himself to be hung by the vines that await him on the ship’s deck.

He drops his cell phone that still displays the image of the spirit which then escapes.

Jonas is released from the spirit’s curse.

Of course I’m just hitting the highlights. And like episode 3, there was a moral of sorts which looks to be the trend for future episodes. The good thing is that this new addition to the crew will provide more insight as to where adventurer, Emmet Cole, was heading.

I, for one, predict Jonas will become a rival like/love interest and cause some tension between the Lincoln and Lena, childhood sweethearts that grew apart but are starting to like each other again, relationship. (I’d bet money on it but then I’d really have you thinking I’ve a gambling problem…,lol.)

The only thing that I thought lacking was the scare factor, I didn’t have any “edge of my seat” moments. And they rushed the ending a little bit for me. I didn’t see the Jonas character make that transition from denial to the acceptance of having done something wrong. It was just BLAM! suddenly Jonas was running towards self sacrifice for the greater good and hadn’t we just seen that in the last episode? Still, all in all, I was engaged, entertained and quite pleased with the pace and will be anxiously awaiting next week’s episode.

Until next week, when you have the choice, buy USA!

~K.L. Parry~ author of “The Pirate’s Daughter And A King’s Ransom”

Chocolate Covered Almonds and “The River”


Don’t you just hate it when you’ve just spent two hours writing a blog post, setting up all the tags and links and then, when you go to add an image, the whole thing disappears? Really, I can’t be the only one that’s happened to?! Damn freaky, I tell you, and frustrating.

So, another Valentines Day has come on gone and frankly, I’m a bit indifferent. Maybe it’s because most of my Valentine Day experiences have been focused on ensuring that my kids had enough cards to hand out to their friends or that I had enough money to put on a proper birthday celebration two days later for my youngest son. Then it should come as no surprise that my plans this year involved nothing more than a bag of chocolate covered almonds, a bottle of wine and my TV as I settled in to watch episode 3 of “The River”.

For those of you that may have missed it, here is a recap of that episode and a brief note from yours truly, my self, on what I thought.

Recap of “The River” episode III

  After discovering photos of a cave, the group of searchers decide to seek it out in the hope of finding a clue to lost adventurer, Emmet Cole’s whereabouts. But they get more than they bargained for when they are discovered by a secretive tribe who’s act as watchers over the jungle.

When members of the search party start coming down with sudden blindness they decide it’s time to return to the ship.

Believing they have found a cure for the affliction that is quickly claiming all the party members, Lena, hired gun, Kurt and lead cameraman, Shaun head back out into the jungle to find it. In the meantime the M. tribe have boarded the ship forcing the remaining party members, Lincoln, Tess, Clark the producer, and engineer Emilio along with his daughter to hide blind in fear for their lives.

Out in the jungle, Lena and Kurt fall victim to the blindness leaving Shaun as their only hope of finding the cure but, the camera man wants nothing more than to get back to civilization. As he makes his escape, abandoning his companions, Shaun runs into the very tree that they had been sent to find. As a sick twist, he, who had escaped death in a mine collapse years earlier, now faces his greatest fear and must crawl into a shallow cave beneath the tree to retrieve the bulbs that will restore the others sight.

The cave begins to collapse on Shaun.

On board the Magus, Producer Clark, who had received a nasty knife wound when he had startled the near blind hired gun, Kurt, reveals himself as a sacrifice to the M. tribe in order to save the others.

Suddenly the natives decide to leave the ship.

Shaun is pulled from his tomb by a faction of the tribe as they retreat into the jungle.

Shaun with the cure, joins back up with Lena and Kurt.

Back aboard the Magus, the cure is administered, site is restored and Lincoln shares a personal moment with his mother.

 Personal Note:

All in all, not nearly as scary or creepy as last week’s premier. I could have watched this episode by myself, (which is ok with me). I do hope they start developing a more cohesive story line.  The whole thing about the cave, which seemed significant at the start, was dropped 15 minutes in and it was never explained why Dr. Cole would have made multiple visits to it. After all, the cave was the very reason the party left the ship and ventured out in the first place. Though there was enough material here to keep my interest through the 60 mins, I didn’t feel like I’d learned anything new about the characters or their quest other than a few insignificant tidbit that weren’t explored enough to make me care. I can only hope that some revelation is revealed in next week’s installment. They’ll need it if they want to keep my viewer ship.

~ K.L.Parry ~ author of “The Pirate’s Daughter And A King’s Ransom”