Listen up!



It’s two days, post-election here in the states and already the name calling has me sick. Point the finger here and there. Complain, complain.


Listen up, my fellow Americans! Put your parties aside and take some personal responsibility for the state of the union.


You, me, we are all to blame for our country’s woes. We have, and many still do, live beyond their actual means. We spend more than we’ve earned. Yet, we cry out about the national debt and over spending by Congress when the average American household holds almost $16,000.00 in credit card debt alone.


We’ve bought homes we couldn’t afford just because someone said they’d give us a loan to do so. And, many of us lived off the equity, refinancing our homes every time the property values went up, to the point of owing more than what the properties were worth. Then when the equity was exhausted and the property values fell, (as they do because it is a continues cycle), we walked away, leaving the lenders and their investors with our debt.


We have driven industry away because we don’t want to pay the higher cost of goods manufactured by U.S. companies that adhere to our mandated fair wage and safe work place practices. Let’s not forget the taxes we seem happy to levy on any U.S. business that has managed to turn a profit. And, because we have driven industry away, so too have we eliminated the jobs that industry once provided.


We won’t take advantage of our own natural resources, preferring dependence on foreign sources. Thus, allowing them to influence not only our economy but also our policies.


We scream “No Socialism” when talk of healthcare reform comes up!  Yet we support the Unions that demand the same for every employee regardless of individual job performance. What are Unions but socialistic entities.


Yet, many Americans do seem to feel entitled to things they didn’t earn. They’ve filed frivolous lawsuits in hope of pay offs and often times, have gotten it, driving up the cost of Insurance across the board. While others see no problem with maxing out credit cards to live a large lifestyle, only to file for bankruptcy when they’ve reached their credit limits. Then, they start the game over with little, to no actual repercussion.


Open up your eyes, citizens. It’s past time we should have seen where decades of  a “ME” mentality would land us. Well, it’s here.


If you must point the finger, point it at yourself, then ask what you, as an individual can do to turn this country around. You can start by simply reading the manufacturer’s label before you have the cashier charge your credit card. Make sure it reads, “Made in the USA”.

In closing, I’d like to thank you for allowing me to express my views. It was something I really needed to get off my chest and am feeling much better for it. That having been said, you can look forward to something much lighter in next week’s post.













~ K. L. Parry ~ Author of  The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom. A High Seas Adventure






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    • Thanks Howard. Yes, I suppose my comments are ballsie but someone had to say them. How can we expect government to do what we ourselves won’t? I know I’m not alone in my opinions and the facts stand for themselves. Our President, regardless of who he might be, does not hold a magic wand. If we as a people truly want to seek change, we need to start with our selves, our habits and our attitudes.

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