Becoming QUEEN


In 1979, while attending community college, I was invited to a concert at the L.A. Forum. The band that performed that night was QUEEN.

A couple of nights ago, I was reminded of that “off the charts” concert when I sat down to watch a 2004 documentary titled, Becoming Queen.

The film begins with childhood images of band members, working its way along a time-line by way of stills and personal interviews of previous band mates along with other music professionals that were close to the band. It’s not until halfway through, that we get to see the live action of taped performances that really capture the outstanding vocal and performance quality of these four uniquely and undoubtedly supremely gifted individuals.

Now, I wouldn’t consider myself a Doc. watcher but I’d love to have this one on DVD for my private collection. I highly recommend it.

You can view the documentary Becoming QUEEN on Hulu Plus and for FREE at

I must confess this. For as much as I’ve raved about Led Zeppelin, (in a blog post that I re-blogged just last week), I’ve actually owned more QUEEN albums. And, still do…!

“A concert is not a live rendition of our album. It’s a theatrical event.” Freddy Mercury

Until next week. ROCK ON !

~ K.L. Parry ~ Author of The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom


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  2. Just after the stroke of midnight the band came back out on stage for the stand alone encore of First Tube. Trey was turned up and rocking. Jumping and bouncing with his arpeggios sending the crowd off with one last hurrah! What a night of music from Last Tube to First Tube! Walking out the doors you couldn’t help but to be happy– Happy to be apart of such an experience– Happy that our guitar hero Trey Anastasio is alive and reenergized, playing the guitar once again like the Jedi Master he is. This was a fantastic high energy concert. The Trey Anastasio Band is pure fire and they brought some major heat to Minneapolis. A fun night at The State Theatre! And then back out into the crisp Minneapolis winter air with a smile still etched upon my face, and the walk back to the hotel reliving and recapturing the night’s highlights and planning ahead for the traditional after concert pizza order. It was good to be alive.

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