Moving Madness


Hello folks! I am back from the brink of insanity!

 That’s right. I was moving.

A traumatic experience for me as I am a nester, not to be confused with hoarder. I go to great lengths to make my home as comfortable for myself as possible with the idea that I’m going to live there forever. So a move from my current abode, even if it is only two doors away, means a disruption in the harmony of my life. Also, though I may not keep the cleanest house, I do keep it very organized and the disorganization that results from moving is a real added stress. As someone who assigns everything a place, I rarely ever misplace anything. Still, I lost my house key three times in a week because I hadn’t established a regular place to put it. I even lost my keys to one of my work places, though I did finally find them in my purse where they had somehow, quite mysteriously, fallen into the wrong pocket…, lol.

In case you didn’t catch my meaning earlier, I do HATE moving! Really, if I hadn’t needed the space, I wouldn’t have. But after a year of sharing my one bedroom apartment, my youngest son/room-mate and I decided it was time to find a bigger place. We are splitting the rent now instead of our privacy. And it is wonderful to have my own space again.

That being said, there are a million projects that are screaming for my immediate attention. Curtains to be hemmed and hung, walls to be painted and a bathroom that has some serious design flaws that I MUST correct. Oh, yes, and the reconstruction of my bed. When I put it together I forgot a few parts making it a bit unstable. That’s another thing on my to-do-list, to name a few.

I had somewhat ill-timed a refurbishing project two weeks before the move. I’d decide to paint and recover a dinning set so that I’d have something nice to put into my new dinning room. From the 60’s, the 4 chairs and table base are made of rod-iron with a huge, heavy glass table top. The seat cushions and upholstered chair backs were in sore need of replacement having suffered tremendous abuse at the hands of children and a clawing cat. I expected the project to take me a couple of days. But it took me nearly the whole two weeks to complete.  Needless to say, I probably should have been getting ready for the move instead of taking on a new project. Not that I actually believe it would have made the move any easier but I would have been better prepared and a bit more organised… possibly.

It didn’t help either, that I only had those two weeks to prepare for the move. Though I had informed the landlord that I had wanted the soon to be vacant two bedroom, I wasn’t expecting to be moving in until July which would have given me a month to get ready. As it turned out the exiting tenant didn’t want to have to pay for a full month’s rent when she was to be out by June 10th so when she asked me to split the month and take over the apartment in mid June, I, without thinking it completely through, said “Sure, I can move in on the 15th.” 

 Big mistake! 

I wasn’t ready, the new apartment wasn’t ready and I was literally in tears come moving day. But despite everything, I survived and am feeling a lot better about what I was coming to view as a dubious and rash decision.

My Dinning Set, refurbished


Until next week’s posting to “Following The Dream”, have a great week!

~ K.L. Parry ~ Author of “The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom”


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