Itchy Bumps Recaps ABC’s Finale Episode of The River Season 1


Wow! You’re back! I hope you all have recovered from another St. Patrick’s Day. You know, not even the Ireland Irish make as big a deal of this holiday as we Americans do. But by God, if we’re going to do it, then might as well do it BIG!

Just funnin’ with ya.

As you know spring is right around the corner. Already my roses are beginning to bloom and it makes me want to spend time in my gardens. There’s nothing like getting dirt under my nails, in my hair and all over the place. Unfortunately when it gets on my face, I break out in itchy spots.

I don’t know what the deal is, but evidently over the years I have become allergic to dirt. It’s not something that’s just came up. I started having this problem about 10 years ago and over time it has gotten worse. The same thing happens when I handle newspapers too. If I somehow get newspaper dirt on my face, (which happens), it causes red, swelled, itchy spots too. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I also have a metal allergy.

By George! I think I’ve got it!

Could it be, that there are metals in the soil and, maybe, there are metals in newspaper ink? I’ll have to google it.

You can see how I’m working this out, can’t you?. I’m like a regular Sherlock Holms…, ha!

Well, enough about my red, itchy bumps. Now for the LAST of my re-caps of ABC’s paranormal, adventure “The River”.


The River, Season 1, Finale

The crew of the Magus is finally heading home. Lincoln and rescued adventurer, Dr Emmet Cole, are having a little father and son time on deck when BOOM! a bullet catches Lincoln, dropping him like a sack of rocks. People scream, chaos ensues and Lincoln is pronounced dead.

Like the vengeful mother, Tess threatens to kill whoever felled her son. But not in a crazy, grief stricken, “Awww! My son is dead!” way, but in a weird, too cool, “I’m going to get you”, way. Lame.

Of course, Tess asks her husband, Emmet if he can do something witchy now that he knows magic, but Emmet says no. Bad juju to consort with demons.

Next we see Jahel, the ship’s mechanic’s daughter, at the helm. She hears something coming over the ship’s com. All we get to hear is static as she carries on a conversation with what we can only assume is a spirit.  The next thing you know, she’s down in the ship’s belly chanting and tearing up taro cards as she and Tess call on the spirits to return Lincoln’s soul to them. And, no “raising from the dead” would be complete without some blood letting courtesy of mama Tess.

Things get wiggy, lights flicker, stuff flies around, women scream, again, while some jungle entity makes it way to the ship. Then, walla! Lincoln is alive or is he?

Emmet suspects something’s fishy when his son tells him he loves him. Yes, very suspicious.

So, everyone goes about their business, like no big thang. Jonas stumbles upon Lincoln making a sandwich in the galley. Lincoln kills him with one punch because he knew it was Jonas that fired the bullet that was meant to kill Lincoln’s father.

Now we know that something is wrong with our boy. He’s POSSESSED by the god of all demons, Botuni. (I’m sure I didn’t get the spirit’s name right. ) Then Lincoln/Botuni, go after Kurt, the hired gun, finding him in the cell he’d been locked in because everyone thought he shot Lincoln.

Anyways, Lincoln/Botuni beats up Kurt. Something about Kurt being a guardian. Wasn’t quite sure what that was all about???? I didn’t catch all the dialogue because I was buttering some nuked green beans and only half listening. Hey! I was starving!

Ok, so Emmet figures out that Lincoln is not Lincoln. They trap him. Chain him up and preform sort of an exorcism. Spirit leaves. Lincoln is Lincoln again. Yeah! 

Now, the Magus is only two kilometers from civilization and the helicopter that will take our search party home, when, WHAT?!! “Where is the village that was suppose to be here?”

Yikes! Looks like the Amazon isn’t done with them yet as it morphs like a transformer, moving land mass and water to reshape itself, virtually cutting off any way of escape.

The End

My thoughts? Exciting and ludicrous but then again, still entertaining. However…, not sure how they are going to get another season out of this. Should they get picked up, I’ll probably watch. It’s still better than most of what the net works have given me to choose from.

When there’s a choice, buy USA.

~ K.L. Parry ~ Author of “The Pirate’s Daughter And a King’s Ransom”


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  1. Lucky you – wish my roses were blooming! I’ve been watching The River too – I wish there were more than 8 episodes but glad they are planning another season. I hope the next one will be longer, though. I hate these short little teasers that you have to wait an entire year to pick up again.

    • Hey Nancy, I checked out your Blog. Awesome! Subscribed. I’m a lazy gardener too but where I live the only real work after planting is remembering to water and the occasional weeding. I must confess that the picture I posted was from last year but that same rose bush is actually blooming now. A little early I might add, but it’s wonderful. 🙂

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