Sucky Re-Cap of “The River”


What is fun for one may not be fun for another. That can also be re-worded to say, what is fun with another may not be fun alone.

I’m talking about packing.  As in, helping someone pack up their belongings when they are preparing to move. 

Over the last several weeks I’ve been spending some of my free time helping a friend pack up her house. It’s not fun by yourself but it is a lot of fun when you have a friend helping you. At least I think it’s fun. You get to learn about that friend’s history, collections and perhaps some of their odder habits as you go through memorabilia, old photographs and rarely opened cabinets. Things are discussed that may not have come up in your regular conversations. Of course there may be other things that one might want to keep “in the closet” but who else to share them with than a good friend.

Well. I’ve come to the conclusion that I suck at this re-cap You’d think that fact alone would deter me from making another attempt? But, No! However, I will give you a link to a page here at WordPress that I think is absolutely brilliant thus giving you the option of reading my dull and lack luster take or the witty and colorful review of another. (Kevin’s blog, THIS IS BLOG!, is really so much better than mine…lol! Look for a link to his site at the bottom of the page under “related articles”, 2nd from top.)

My sucky version is posted below…, ha!

 The River Re-cap Season 1 Episode 6

This week’s episode begins with the crew of the Magus debating on whether to send Lena home after last week’s discovery of her father’s ghost. But she insists on remaining to help in the continued search for survivors of the ill-fated Cole expedition.

With information they had received from last week’s discoveries the search party heads inland to “the falls” where they find Emmet Cole’s pocket knife and backpack along with some new footage that his crew had taped.

Here is where the episode takes a turn. Flashbacks, via the discovered tapes, of the last journey of Cole, his producer and camera man.

Cole and Russel, Lena’s father, are fighting over Cole’s involvement of Lena in the expedition, via satellite. Cole’s excuse was that Lena “is marked for it” (I know, my grammar sucks too.” More sadness for Lena when it’s revealed that her father, Russel, refused to accompany his friend Cole on his one way trip to find the “sourse of all magic”, thus leaving him alone, stranded and eventually easy prey for the ghost ship’s crew and his subsequent demise.

In real-time, after hearing this, Lena shaves the back of her neck to find some weird birthmark. Near this point, she reveals that it was she who remotely activated Cole’s becon that provided the false hope that the adventurer was still alive.

Flashback. Now the expedition of three and one dog are looking for a secretive tribe that guards the source when they are set upon by a jungle spirit which skins Manny, the camera man.

I think it gets the girl producer too but at that point I received a phone call and was distracted.

Now it’s just Cole and the dog which he contemplates killing because he’s starving to death.

Cole’s found by native people, nursed from the brink of death, then dropped off at some chain-link surrounded, modern outpost. Thus ends the flashback.

In real-time, our crew thinks they have found Cole and immediately go in search of the outpost only to find that it has been deserted. Here is where the episode ends.

Wow, there was a lot of information given the audience in this episode. I was riveted to my couch, not wanting to miss a thing.

Yes, I did take a call but only because it was my sister and I knew she wouldn’t have called me at that time unless it was important, which it was.

I think next week’s episode is the last for this mid-season series and I can’t even guess at whether they’ll conclude the story there or set it up for another season. It’ll be interesting to find out.

Until then, if you have the option, BUY USA!

~ K.L. Parry ~ Author of “The Pirate’s Daughter And A King’s Ransom”

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