Kum-ba-ya on “The River”


Welcome back to my blog and Yeah! I’m so excited! I’ve booked the rooms for my annual Vegas Retreat and I can’t be more excited. Three days of no responsibility, what so ever. Ok, that’s not exactly true, the responsibility part, but you know what I mean.

Now this year my sister couldn’t make the commitment to go with me, seeing that she’s got some pressing home repairs to finance, so I’ve invited another friend, Jonelle, to accompany me. I hope she won’t mind my snoring too much, and my constant bouncing from one casino to the next…,he,hee. What can I say? That’s the whole point of staying on Freemont Street, the close proximity of 13 casinos…, I said,13! 

But let me tell you about what else I did this week.

So, Monday, I took off with another very dear friend of mine and headed out to Santa Anita Race Track. I know, sounds like I got a thing for gambling and I kinda, do but always within a strict budget and I never exceed that, no matter what. Now, listen. Yea, you can enjoy the track from the cheap seats  but if your someone like me that doesn’t get to go very often, spend the extra money and pay for the Club House Admission. Then, head on up to the Front Runner Restaurant. Make a right down the narrow hall past the window tables, (act like you know where your going), then out the doors to the outside tables. This is where I love to sit. White table cloths, food and drink service with attentive waiters, your own private tv to better view the action, easy access to betting counters and restrooms and a quick exit when it’s time to leave via the Turf Club Elevator. No, I never win at the track so I keep my betting to a minimum but the experience is what I really enjoy. What a great, relaxing time and a must do when you need to decompress.

If you’ve been follow my recent posts, you’ll know that I’ve been watching ABC’s “The River”, which aires on Tuesday at 9:00pm. Somehow I have found myself now in the business of posting weekly recaps and reviews of each episode, at least until they bore me or piss me off and I decide to stop watching. But, since that hasn’t happened yet, here you have it!

 “The River”- Recap Episode 4

Ah, well, ABC’s new paranormal, thriller, adventure, “The River” redeemed itself this week with what I thought was an engrossing episode that sailed all too quickly through its 60 minute time slot. Interesting nature against man situations, a smoky spirit and the introduction of a new cast member definitely kept my interest this week.

The episode started out with our rescue party chugging happily down an Amazonian river sharing a Kum-ba-ya moment complete with guitar and accordion played by Lincoln and Lena. No doubt a tune recalled for their shared childhood. And that’s when our young, seemingly physic, mechanic’s daughter, Jahel spots a man hanging by his neck in the vines along the bank.

Now here’s where I can’t remember whether Jahel’s taro cards warn her of impending trouble before or after they’ve rescued the hanging man who happened to be, Jonas Beckett, camera man from the missing Cole expedition. But whether prior or not she seems to have the physic insight for what troubles are about to befall our rescue party.

Jahel does her best to convince the others to send Jonas back to the jungle spirit that she believes threatens them all as it seeks to re-enslave the camera man.

We have a mass bird suicide followed by an invasion of some large flying bugs.

Producer, Clark reviews old tapes left by Cole to get some kind of clue as to what might have happened with Jonas.

Jonas does his best to hide the truth from the rescue party until it’s discovered that he recorded the sacred funeral rites of an Amazonian Elder and in fact, managed to steal the Elder’s soul when he captured it on his cellphone camera which is revealed at the end of the episode when Jonas, in a desperate act to save the search party from the spirit storm that is on them, allows himself to be hung by the vines that await him on the ship’s deck.

He drops his cell phone that still displays the image of the spirit which then escapes.

Jonas is released from the spirit’s curse.

Of course I’m just hitting the highlights. And like episode 3, there was a moral of sorts which looks to be the trend for future episodes. The good thing is that this new addition to the crew will provide more insight as to where adventurer, Emmet Cole, was heading.

I, for one, predict Jonas will become a rival like/love interest and cause some tension between the Lincoln and Lena, childhood sweethearts that grew apart but are starting to like each other again, relationship. (I’d bet money on it but then I’d really have you thinking I’ve a gambling problem…,lol.)

The only thing that I thought lacking was the scare factor, I didn’t have any “edge of my seat” moments. And they rushed the ending a little bit for me. I didn’t see the Jonas character make that transition from denial to the acceptance of having done something wrong. It was just BLAM! suddenly Jonas was running towards self sacrifice for the greater good and hadn’t we just seen that in the last episode? Still, all in all, I was engaged, entertained and quite pleased with the pace and will be anxiously awaiting next week’s episode.

Until next week, when you have the choice, buy USA!

~K.L. Parry~ author of “The Pirate’s Daughter And A King’s Ransom”


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