Chocolate Covered Almonds and “The River”


Don’t you just hate it when you’ve just spent two hours writing a blog post, setting up all the tags and links and then, when you go to add an image, the whole thing disappears? Really, I can’t be the only one that’s happened to?! Damn freaky, I tell you, and frustrating.

So, another Valentines Day has come on gone and frankly, I’m a bit indifferent. Maybe it’s because most of my Valentine Day experiences have been focused on ensuring that my kids had enough cards to hand out to their friends or that I had enough money to put on a proper birthday celebration two days later for my youngest son. Then it should come as no surprise that my plans this year involved nothing more than a bag of chocolate covered almonds, a bottle of wine and my TV as I settled in to watch episode 3 of “The River”.

For those of you that may have missed it, here is a recap of that episode and a brief note from yours truly, my self, on what I thought.

Recap of “The River” episode III

  After discovering photos of a cave, the group of searchers decide to seek it out in the hope of finding a clue to lost adventurer, Emmet Cole’s whereabouts. But they get more than they bargained for when they are discovered by a secretive tribe who’s act as watchers over the jungle.

When members of the search party start coming down with sudden blindness they decide it’s time to return to the ship.

Believing they have found a cure for the affliction that is quickly claiming all the party members, Lena, hired gun, Kurt and lead cameraman, Shaun head back out into the jungle to find it. In the meantime the M. tribe have boarded the ship forcing the remaining party members, Lincoln, Tess, Clark the producer, and engineer Emilio along with his daughter to hide blind in fear for their lives.

Out in the jungle, Lena and Kurt fall victim to the blindness leaving Shaun as their only hope of finding the cure but, the camera man wants nothing more than to get back to civilization. As he makes his escape, abandoning his companions, Shaun runs into the very tree that they had been sent to find. As a sick twist, he, who had escaped death in a mine collapse years earlier, now faces his greatest fear and must crawl into a shallow cave beneath the tree to retrieve the bulbs that will restore the others sight.

The cave begins to collapse on Shaun.

On board the Magus, Producer Clark, who had received a nasty knife wound when he had startled the near blind hired gun, Kurt, reveals himself as a sacrifice to the M. tribe in order to save the others.

Suddenly the natives decide to leave the ship.

Shaun is pulled from his tomb by a faction of the tribe as they retreat into the jungle.

Shaun with the cure, joins back up with Lena and Kurt.

Back aboard the Magus, the cure is administered, site is restored and Lincoln shares a personal moment with his mother.

 Personal Note:

All in all, not nearly as scary or creepy as last week’s premier. I could have watched this episode by myself, (which is ok with me). I do hope they start developing a more cohesive story line.  The whole thing about the cave, which seemed significant at the start, was dropped 15 minutes in and it was never explained why Dr. Cole would have made multiple visits to it. After all, the cave was the very reason the party left the ship and ventured out in the first place. Though there was enough material here to keep my interest through the 60 mins, I didn’t feel like I’d learned anything new about the characters or their quest other than a few insignificant tidbit that weren’t explored enough to make me care. I can only hope that some revelation is revealed in next week’s installment. They’ll need it if they want to keep my viewer ship.

~ K.L.Parry ~ author of “The Pirate’s Daughter And A King’s Ransom”


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  1. Good call on last night’s episode of The River “Los Ciegos”. Almost nothing related to the mythology or mysteries presented in the premiere last week. And yeah, what was the big deal with the cave? There are bats in it? Dr. Cole could visit most attics in the suburbs to to see that. Ahh, well. Maybe next week like you said. Here is our extremely awesome review of last night’s episode in case you missed it:

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