The River…, Crazy shit! (plus Recap)

The River (U.S. TV series)

Sorry, I know my weekly post is a few days early but I just had to tell you this…, Wow!

Just finished watching “The River” on ABC. OMG! That was some crazy shit! It’s a good thing my son was still up to watch it with me cause I’m a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to freaky, paranormal stuff. I still jump into bed from two feet away because I can’t get over the idea that something is going to reach out and grab me from under it…,lol. So, needless to say that tonight’s 2 hour premier had me snuggled under a blanket and closing my eyes when dolls from the doll tree began to come to life. Creepy! Doll eyes always did freak me out.

If it sounds weird that’s because it is. This mid-season series is about a mother and son, along with film crew, that travel to the Amazon Jungle to find their missing husband/father, an adventurer and documentary film star. The back story is a little complicated so I won’t go into details, besides, they are bound to re-run it for those of you that missed it. And you are going to want to see it. In fact, I’m going to want to watch it again because there was so much that went down that I think I need another viewing just to get all the facts and maybe pick up on some subtle hints as to what the “Source” is. Oh yes, the SOURCE…, owwwww.

Let me say that the production of this show is awesome. Filmed in Hawaii, Peli and Spielberg and an amazing crew have finally given me something to watch on TV. The only bad part is that I’ll have to make sure my son doesn’t go to bed early on the nights the episodes air…, don’t think I can watch it by myself. Damn! I wish I had a DVR.

* Per the request of several readers, this post has been amended to include a re-cap of  the premier episode of “The River”.
Dr Emmet Cole, adventurer and star of a tv docu. series has been officially declared dead after a 6 mo. search in the Amazon has failed to turn up any trace of him or his missing film crew. However there are those that haven’t given up hope after it’s discovered that an electronic beacon belonging to Cole has suddenly been activated.
Seeing this as proof of life and determined to rescue her husband, Tess Cole enlist the help of ex-producer Clark who secures financial backing for the venture through a studio by promising to document their journey, but everything hinges on the cooperation of Cole’s son Lincoln who, having just finished medical school, wants nothing to do with what he considers to be a futile search.Despite his own reservations, Lincoln is swayed and the party consisting of Tess, Lincoln, producer Clark, several camera men, Lena ( a childhood friend and confidant of Cole’s), a gun for hire by the name of Kurt and old friend, mechanic and ship’s captain along with his young adult daughter, set out for the Amazon.
They locate the adventurer’s ship, the Magus, in a beautiful but spooky, undocumented part of the amazon where they find themselves threatened when they accidentally release a dark spirit that had been sealed up in the ship’s panic room. Seeking to feed, it takes out one of the camera men trying to film its attack and answers Tess’s question on whether he husband still lives. He does.
This event sets them out to retrace the adventure’s steps using logs and videos that had been left on board the Magus.
Lincoln and Lena, ( daughter of one of the missing camera man who had accompanied Cole), having spent much of their early childhood together on the Magus, re-aquaint themselves, reminiscing of their youth.
The mechanic’s daughter who is somehow familiar with the spirit world, becomes inhabited by a spirit that warns the party off. But it only reaffirms their belief that Cole can be found.
Hired gun, Captain Kurt, is caught on camera in a private phone conversation referring to something called “the source”. Assuring the person on the other end that he will “take out Cole” if he has found it.
Lincoln accuses his mother, Tess of having an affair which he believes lead to his father’s quest to discover the magic of the amazon.
Making land fall, the search party heads off through the jungle. When darkness falls they decide to set up camp on a site the locals have deemed haunted. Admits an old collection of dolls that have been hung from a tree to appease the restless spirit, Lincoln finds the teddy bear that was his childhood companion. When he takes possession of it, it sets off a chain of unexplained events including the disappearance of Tess. Desperate to set the spirit at ease the crew uncover the old remains of the spirit’s mother that had been placed in a nearby graveyard. Lincoln releases the old bones into the pond from where his mother had been take. The spirit accepts them, releasing Tess back into the world of the living, a shaken and disturbed mess. The episode ends with them all returning to the ship post-haste and the mechanic’s daughter releasing the spirit she was desperately trying to hold onto.

~ K.L. Parry ~

author of “The Pirate’s Daughter And A King’s Ransom”


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