Creating a Public Nuisance at The Hollywood Way


Hi de ho!.. to all you wonderful folks out there! It’s been another fun-filled week and I actually have something new to report. Yes, I have strayed beyond the confines of the 1 mile jaunt between home and work. I escaped the grid! I stepped across the line and sallied forth to meet a friend of mine at “The Hollywood Way BBQ Bar and Grill” in Burbank, Ca, located on, you guessed it, Hollywood Way near Burbank Blvd. Is it a bar with a restaurant or a restaurant with a bar? I ask this because I’m not sure what this establishment’s owners had in mind. Unfortunately my visit to this relatively new business was less than enjoyable and here’s how it went.

I had just finished reading the draft for a novel a friend had written. I had decided that while it was still fresh in my mind that I would have him meet me at the afore-mentioned establishment to discuss my ideas and sample the fare. I had actually eaten there once before but it was right after their grand opening, about a year and a half ago, so I thought I’d give it another try. Holly Crap! I knew once I had stepped in the door that I had made a wrong choice for a meeting place. It was ringing, as were my ears, with the sound of voices. I don’t mean that the place was packed, far from it. It was as if the whole place was wired with amplifiers. Terrible acoustics! I could hear every conversation in the place as if they were sitting right next to me. Now, some people may like this but I don’t care to listen to the intimate details of my fellow patrons personal lives particularly while I’m eating. I could hardly carry on a conversation with my friend without screaming. The poor guy had to strain to hear what I was saying. Glad I had left him with my notes. And that leads me to another point.

Good Lord, people! Don’t bring your misbehaved, ill-mannered, brats into a restaurant unless it’s Chuck E Cheese or Shakeys. You are ruining it for every other patron in the place.

I have got to tell you about this kid. She was with a group two tables down from me. She would not stop screaming and climbing all over the place. I wouldn’t make eye contact with her though I had the child in my peripheral. Honest to God, she was almost in my face trying to get my attention. Her parents should have been cited for creating a public nuisance.

And let me state for the record, that I raised two boys on my own and I never allowed them to behave like that in a restaurant that didn’t have a seven-foot mouse greeting me at the door.

Whew! I feel much better for having gotten that off my chest.

Putting aside the annoying child, I was really disappointed with the menu. They looked to have a lot to offer but it was all crammed on one page in plain black text, written small enough to fit on the front and back. I’ve seen dive bars with appetizer menus that were better formatted than theirs. I couldn’t discern what was a house specialty. No featured items. Did they offer sides? Any deserts? Where was the BBQ? If you’re emphasising food in your title, wouldn’t you want to feature your food? And the wait staff was not forthcoming with any recommendations or help of any kind. I finally got frustrated and ordered a house salad with chicken. I got a big bowl of iceberg lettuce, shredded cheese, a couple little pieces of this and that and a quarter of a very small chicken breast. It was ok but I could have gotten the same thing with more variety at Jack’n the Box for less than half the price.

I will say this in all fairness, that I do have some friends and acquaintances that enjoy spending Monday nights there watching football.  But from me? The Hollywood Way failed to establish any dominance on the field, their kicker missed the goal, incompleted pass. No touchdown!

Until next week! Read the label when you shop. Buy USA!

~ K.L. Parry ~


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