Midnight In Paris to a PSA


Hello Folks. Why does January always get me down? It’s probably post-Christmas Blues and my reflecting on what I didn’t accomplish last year. I’m not usually one who wants to rush through anything but I’ll be happy when February arrives. Also my survival job has had me putting in more hours that usual so I’ve been lacking that “me time” to work on my personal projects.

Ok, enough of my whining and on to the task at hand.

As I said, I’ve not done much this week other than work, but I had a few hours to spare last Monday as I lay on the couch suffering from a reaction to a food allergy. (You can’t always trust the local deli’s labeling. OUCH!) Since I was confined to my apartment that day and the convenient location of my bathroom, I took advantage of the  “On Demand” option on my remote. I rented a couple of movies, one being “Contagion”.

My first thought when I saw the previews to this movie was, PSA (public service announcement), and for the most part I was right. This movie takes you through the process, right from the point of first human contact, of the rise of a super virus and its subsequent growth to pandemic proportions. Aside from the obvious deaths of millions, it really gave the feel of what could happen and how this situation might be dealt with by governments and the population at large. Though I found the movie very interesting and informative, I failed to develop any emotional attachments to the characters despite the all-star cast. I would however recommend this PSA type film as an educational tool, perhaps omitting the gruesome removal of Gwyneth Paltrow’s skull during an autopisy…I had to close my eyes during that.

The next movie I watched was “Midnight In Paris”. I know, huh?, the title sounds familiar. No, folks. Not a remake. It was a popular perfume from the 60’s. I remember the little cobalt blue bottle that use to sit on my mother’s dresser. Well, quite a contrast to Contagion, Midnight In Paris is a delightful comedy about a “30 something” guy who find himself suffering through some sort of life crisis while on a visit to Pari with his fiance. I don’t want to divulge too much because I really think this one is worth watching but I’ll give you this. Owen Wilson’s character finds himself mystically transported, at the stroke of midnight, into 1920’s Paris where he makes the acquaintance of people such a Salvador Dali and Ernest Hemingway

There is no mistaking Woody Allen’s hands all over this film which he wrote and directed. This actually had me worried at first because I hadn’t enjoyed the last film of his that I saw. But, YEAH!, I really enjoyed this one!

Well folks, it’s back to the daily grind for me. I can tell by the clock that I’ll be rushing to make it to work on time. Until next week.

If you have the choice, buy USA! -K.L. Parry


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