Part 3 ~ Davis, Here I Come!


I do hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. For me, it was the best one yet with all of my family gathered in good spirits, and, oh, the food, fit for a king!  My sister and I did not let slip the opportunity to break out the video camera. We captured our next cooking video for your u-tube viewing. Watch for news of it’s release in a future post.

Now for the conclusion of “Davis, Here I Come!”

Day 3, thursday morning, has arrived and it is the last day of our visit. Knowing that my son will be in class for the morning, it is decided that I will get the opportunity to fulfill my gaming desires. Cindy and I head out to one of the local Indian Casinos, Cache Creek. Now, many of these places are located way out in the boonies as was this one. I must say that I enjoyed the drive there probably better than the actual casino which had only two video poker machines that played Duces Wild. Ah, what a disappointment. But, the two lane roads, winding between green rolling hills, crowned with homes that looked to have stood since before the turn of the century made up for it. We drove past orchards and farms and a sea of yellow butterflies that went on for miles. Unfortunately the drive to the casino took much longer than we had anticipated allowing only an hour to play before we had to start heading back to Davis. As it was, we were late in returning and no, we didn’t win big at the casino but we did manage to leave with what money we had brought with us.

Meeting up with my son, we all set out to tour the campus of UC Davis. Our first stop is, of course, the student store. Yup, had to purchase me a sweat shirt, bragging rights, you know. Then a little lunch at the cafeteria that looked more like the food court of a mall and then onto the campus proper. This place is so massive that it host a lake and a very large arboretum which you can schedule a tour of, or not. I plan on seeing both on my next visit. Their just wasn’t enough time left to do it on this one.

Now I must tell you that Bicycles are the main mode of transportation not only on campus but off as well, evidenced by the concrete bike racks outside every building and apartment front door. I was told, though I don’t know how true this is, that there are more bikes per capita in Davis than in China. Hum? Part of the reason for this, I’m sure, are the meters at each car parking spot on campus allowing only a maximum time limit of two hours. Talk about discouraging drivers!

But really, I was cracking up over the whole bike thing. The campus even provides a bike garage, bike repair shop and rentals. Oh, and there is a bicycle graveyard where you can buy discarded bikes in all sorts of disrepair. According to my son, on the first day of school returning students set up a viewing station complete with lawn chairs and ice chests at a particular campus intersection where they watch the newbes crash into each other as they take to their bikes for the first time. I know, sounds a little cruel but at the same time, hysterical. A little bit of Jackass and Animal House all rolled into one. 

Back on campus, the hour of our departure has arrived, then it’s a short drive to the bachelor pad to grab our bags. Kissing my boy good bye and giving a big hug to Simon, Cindy and I are off and back on the road. Oh, but we still had one more stop to make and that was to pay a short visit to Cindy’s childhood friend Karen. It was a bit out of our way but, hey, I didn’t have to be to work until noon the following day.

It was dark by the time we arrived in Danville which I think was around 8 or 9. I must say that Karen and her Husband treated us like long lost family, warm and welcoming. Despite our intentions of making the stop brief…, eat and run, if you know what I mean, we ended up staying much longer than planned. But it was time well spent and with our tummies full, mine with gluten free pasta, we said our farewells and rolled into the Chrysler.

Back tracking to Interstate 5 with a few pit stops to pee, refill coffee cups and gas up, I finally rolled into Burbank at 3 am. Forget about unpacking the car, all I am thinking about right now is my pillow.

And so ends our adventure. It was interesting to get a glimpse into life in this university town. I’ll be looking forward to my next visit.  I’ve added more pics of the UC Davis campus at the end of this blog.

Until next week, keep on truckin’!  K.L. Parry


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