Secret Clubs…sussh!


Have you ever wanted to become a member of a secret club?

“Oh, yes, Sally, these groups really do exist. Susssh.”

When I think of secret societies, I first think of the Free Masons, a group alluded to in movies such as “National Treasure” and Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code”. And who could forget the secret password Fred Flinstone would utter when meeting up with a fellow member of the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes? Well, I did and had to google it, lol. 

Outside of fiction and saturday morning cartoons, The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Loyal Order of Moose, the Shrinners just to name a few, no longer require a well guarded password or secret hand shake to gain entry. Still retaining a certain mystique about them, mainly due the fact that they don’t advertise or promote their activities outside their own circles, these groups are constantly looking for new members. Though some require an invitation, it’s not hard to come by and could be well worth your time to seek one out.

Keeping a low, sometimes, invisible profile, these groups contribute to high profile needs in their different communities. All sponsor charitable causes such as providing college scholarships, blood drives, books for schools and aid to those with disabilities. These clubs are also a great source of social entertainment as they sponsor pick-a-nicks, dinners, dances and trips for their members. Some of the club house’s contain pools, spas and billiard rooms. Not to mention the low drink prices charged at their respective bars.

“Oh, yes, Sally, I’m talkin’ cheep booze.”

So the next time you pass a windowless building tucked into the corner of a dark side street with an American flag fluttering proudly above it’s entrance, be sure to read the sign on the door before you step in to investigate. I wouldn’t want you interrupting a bike club meeting. But it will probably be an Elks, or a Moose Lodge or a VFW and they’ll be happy to give you a tour.

“Ack, Ack, A-Dak!” K.L. Parry


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