Hazardous Co-Workers and The Movies


Last week I had contemplated hitting up my local CVS for a Flu Shot. I look back on that fleeting moment and laugh sarcastically in the face of  the vague intuitive warning as body aches and a stuffy, foggy head plague me through this week. It is one of the woes to working with the public and sharing such devices as a telephone with other potentially hazardous coworkers. (I will be toting a box of sanitary wipes with me when I return to work on Friday. Not that it will do me any good at this point.) That being said, I hadn’t the energy or the inclination to do much this week other than what I must to maintain a roof over my head.  So I decided I’d share with you my thoughts on a few flicks I’d recently seen.

       About three weeks back my BF and I went to see “The Help”.  Now I know this film, based on the best selling novel by Katheryn Stockett doesn’t need any help from me, it’s still raking in the bucks at the box office. And I must say that I really liked it. It touches on the lives of several African American maids during the early 60’s. (Was that politically correct?, because I first wanted to use the word black then thought negro but wasn’t sure if we were still using any one of  those terms.)  If I were asked to sum up a description I’d compare the film to 1985’s “The Color Purple” only with a lighter side to it, if that seems possible. Though I saw nothing new introduced to the viewing audience that wasn’t already voiced by it’s earlier counterpart, I do see the relevance of the reminder to the next generation. It is a sad and painful part of our history that, as a nation, should not be forgotten.

What I didn’t like had nothing to do with the movie itself but the half hour of previews before the feature started. The film’s run time was 2 hr 17 min. Burbank’s AMC Theater‘s start time was 12:10, we didn’t get out until 3:00. That was a total of 2hrs and 50 mins. Not good AMC. And PLEASE, do something about that horrible yellow stain across the screen. It looks like a pee stained bed sheet!

This week, as I lie on my death bed, I rented “The Lincoln Lawyer”. This is not typically the kind of movie that I watch. I’m more of a sci-fy, fantasy, adventure fan when it comes to that. I must say that I liked this one too. The film starring, Matthew McConaughey and Marisa Tomei, along with a bevy of other notable actors, is the story of a shady defense lawyer who’s more concerned with how to stack up his fees than whether his client might actually be innocent of the crime he has been charged with. I found the writing good and the characters believable. The story takes a couple of interesting turns, which kept me engaged and watching into the wee hours of the evening. And, thank you Hollywood, Matthew is still hot in that bad boy way. But girls don’t get confused, it’s not what we want for the long haul.

Last but not least. This is a flick from my own personal library and one that is always sure to lift my spirits and make me laugh no matter how bad I feel. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you 1999’s, “Austin Powers as The Spy Who Shagged Me”. Yes, classic Mike Meyers at his best!  Love it Baby, and the one before that and the one after. Shagg-a-riffick!

Until next week, keep it Groovy, baby!

K.L. Parry


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